Title :

New Reaction Development

Abstract :

The synthesis of organic molecules has transformed our society, providing medicines, biological probes, crop protectants, food preservatives and components of organic materials. As we advance further into the 21st century, synthetic chemistry will continue to play an important role and will continue to deliver major societal benefits. However, despite significant progress, the problems and difficulties associated with chemical synthesis continue to limit the rate of growth and development of these disciplines. To meet the emerging challenges across new disciplinary boundaries in a rapidly changing scientific landscape we require more rapid and robust techniques for organic synthesis. I plan to address these issues in my research proposal by developing innovative reactions and strategies that enable us to access versatile reactive intermediates for the mild and sustainable synthesis of medicinally relevant compounds. To achieve these ambitious goals, I have divided the research program into three key objectives. 1) Synthesis and applications of α-diazo boronic esters, 2) Ring strain enabled reaction discovery, and 3) Deconstructive functionalizations for drug discovery.