Faculty and students from the Department of Chemical Sciences participate in several modes of social and academic outreach activities which promote science and research.


Our faculty have conducted many introductory and teaching lectures at schools and colleges across India. Some recent lectures are listed below:

  • Prof. Deepa Kushalani : Nanochemistry: Hype and Reality. AP Rao Foundation Lecture, Ruia College, September 2012
  • Prof. Deepa Kushalani : Approaches to Nanotechnology. DST INSPIRE Programme, International Institute of Information Technology (I Square IT), Pune, May 2012
  • Prof. Deepa Kushalani : What is Nanochemistry: Nationwide Sensitization Programme for Chemistry Teachers, Nehru Science Centre, January 2012

Summer Internships

Every year, the department hosts summer interns through the Visiting Student Research Program at TIFR. This year seven students from across India conducted short term projects in various laboratories at the department.


Faculty in the department have participated as well as organized numerous workshops for students and scientists at TIFR and other places around the country. Some recent examples include:

  • Prof Deepa Kushalani : Chemical routes to formation of functional oxides: NIUS workshop for UG Students, HBCSE December 2011.
  • Prof. Deepa Kushalani : Solar Cells - Chemistry in application: INSPIRE workshop for students, Vaze College December 2011.
  • Prof. Deepa Kushalani : A Chemist’s Approach to Nanotechnology: Workshop for UG Students, Ruia College, March 2011.

Science Popularization Programs

Chai and Why? is TIFR`s public outreach program which engages the public on issues pertaining to science and technology in an informal “Scientific café” format. Some recent talks given by Faculty and students from the department are given below (please click on the talk to access chai and why sessions which are available online):

  • Dr. Ravi Venkatramani : Mar 3, 2013, Prithvi Theatre, Proteins: Nature`s workforce
  • Rahul Gera : Dec 16, 2012, Ruparel College, Need Fuel? Lets learn from nature
  • Dr. Jyotishman Dasgupta : Sep 4, 2011, Prithvi Theatre, The sunny side to the energy crisis
  • Prof. Sudipta Maiti : Aug 7 2011, Prithvi theatre, Growing old is bad enough, who ordered senility?
  • Vinkayak Rane, Pranav Shirhatti, Suman Nag, Krishnendu Kundu, Mar 13 2011, Ruparel college, Holi Hai! – The science of colour!
  • Dr. Ankona Datta : Feb 20, 2011, Ruparel College, Imaging the chemistry of life
  • Prof. P. K. Madhu : May 7, 2010, Prithvi Theatre, Magnetic mapping of human bodies

Frontiers of Science is an annual event in which students and teachers from schools across the country visit TIFR to learn/see first hand, the research conducted in the various departments.