Title :

Exploring high valent rhenium complexes for antiproliferative activities

Abstract :

Chemotherapy is the cutting-edge method for treatment of both metastatic and localized cancers. Traditionally, platinum based drugs like cisplatin, oxaliplatin, carboplatin are used to treat a variety of cancer. Despite the clinical success, emergence of resistance and lack of cancer selectivity leading to severe side effects like nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity, anaemia, etc are the major drawbacks of these class of drugs. Altering the metal centre could alter the accumulation, biomolecular interaction leading to an altered cell death. Hence, we plan to explore the non-platinum-based drug candidates for its anticancer properties. Low valent Re-complexes are routinely used for in vitro and in vivo imaging purposes. In recent decade, despite only a few  low valent Re complexes were reported to show excellent anticancer and antibacterial properties, a Re(V) complex was reported to induce necroptosis mode of cell death. Thus, we are interested in high valent Rhenium complexes, hypothesising that the complex will be activated by reduction only under reducing cellular environment and thereby reducing the side effects.


With the aim of finding structurally new class of compounds with superior potency than cisplatin, we have succeeded to synthesise to new class of Re(VII) and Re(V) coordination complexes. Both of these classes were designed to have labile and non-labile similar to cisplatin.