Title :

Nano-brick: Designing Nanomaterials for Living system

Abstract :

Nanomaterials have been widely explored in the biomedical field, and it is crucial to choose the right material and engineer it appropriately to achieve the desired properties. A variety of natural and synthetic polymers have been investigated in the field, and they can be engineered for different formulations. Here, I will mainly present how biomolecules can be used to engineer the different forms for surface texturing, self-assembling nanoparticles, and creating a confined nanoenvironment. To be effective in medicine, I will introduce new methods for creating diversity in nanostructures to enable seamless integration with living tissue, where the understanding of nanoscale is necessary. These advanced nanomaterials could enable an effective, minimally invasive, personalized healthcare system. Thorough understanding of underlying mechanisms, and advancing to a robust biomedical solution for healthcare, cellular energy generation, and nanobio-manufacturing, could be further translated into commercial products and therapies. These sophisticated nanobio-hybrid platforms with advanced synthetic routes have potential applications in early disease detection and targeted therapy.