Endowment Awards

The Award in Science Education has been made possible by an endowment from Prof Brij Arora, an Alumni of TIFR. The term science education will embrace mathematics, education, technology and related areas. Contribution to science education will be viewed in a broad and eclectic manner and the work may involve research or contributions to contemporary scholarship in popularizing science at the grassroots level.

The Award is given every alternate year.

YearName / Department
2006Prof. Bakhtaver S. Mahan, HBCSE, TIFR
2008Shri V.G. Gambhir, HBCSE, TIFR
2010Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya, DCMP&MS, TIFR
2012Dr. S C Agarkar, HBCSE, TIFR
2014Prof. Vijay Singh, HBCSE, TIFR
2014Shri Anand Ghaisas (Honourable Mention), HBCSE, TIFR
2016Prof. Vivek Monetiro, Navnirmiti Eduquality Foundation, Mumbai ( Ex - TIFR)
2018Prof. Anil Sadgopal (Ex-TIFR)
2020Dr. B. Satyanarayana, DHEP, TIFR
2020Prof. Uma Ramakrishnan, NCBS

De Core Nano semiconductors Ltd. has endowed an amount of Rs. 6 lakhs. The primary purpose Of this endowment is to support the academic and scientific activities of semiconductors group in TIFR, and in particular support staff, students and faculty members of the group to participate in conferences and other scientific activities within India and abroad. The fund may also be used to provide support to students and faculty from other institutions who may want to interact with the Semiconductor Group at TIFR.

On July 13, 2009, the IUPAP Commission (C4) on Cosmic Rays welcomed the ides of instituting the Homi Bhabha Medal prize by TIFR. The initial corpus was made available by the National Organizing Committee of the 29th International Cosmic Ray Conference. The donors will make attempt to increase the corpus of the award in the coming years.

The winner of the Medal, Prize and Certificate will be chosen by the Homi Bhabha Medal Selection Committee comprising the following members :

  1. Chairman and Members of IUPAP Commission (C4) on Cosmic Rays
  2. Two senior Cosmic Ray Physicists in TIFR, to be nominated by Director, TIFR
  3. The Homi Bhabha Prize Certificate will be presented to the winner at the biennial International Cosmic Ray Conference, usually
    held in July/August in odd-numbered years
  4. The Homi Bhabha Medal and the Prize will be presented to the winner at a public function held at TIFR where the winner will be
    invited to present the highlights of his/her work in a public lecture.
  5. The winner shall be provided with an economy class return air ticket from his/her institutional place to Mumbai and local
    hospitality during his/her one to two week visit to TIFR and related institutions in India.

The Homi Bhabha Medal Committee will invite nominations for the Medal through the website for the ICRC to be held in the Medal awarding year and also through e-mail contacts with the members of the cosmic ray community world-wide. The nominations should be invited, preferably, more than 6 months before the ICRC. The decision of the Medal Committee should be announced through the ICRC website, preferably, more than 2 months before the ICRC.

Each nomination for the Homi Bhabha Medal should be supported by letters from at least 2 eminent physicists working in the field of cosmic ray physics, astrophysics, particle physics or astroparticle physics, preferably from institution and/or country other than that of the nominating scientist.

The Homi Bhabha Medal Committee will decide winner of the Homi Bhabha medal through internal consultations and confidential voting.

The winner of the Homi Bhabha medal and the prize is to be chosen without any consideration of the race, religion, nationality or the sex of the nominees.

Senior members of the HECR group intend to be pro-active in increasing the corpus amount for the Homi Bhabha medal and the prize through donations by prominent private and public organizations. It is proposed to award a number of Homi Bhabha Conference Travel wards, utilizing the balance of the 10% amount, remaining after awarding the Homi Bhabha Prize.

2011Sir Arnold Wolfendale has been awarded the first IUPAP-TIFR Homi Bhabha Medal for his outstanding contributions to Cosmic Ray Research.
2013Prof. Henrich Voelk has been awarded the second IUPAP-TIFR Homi Bhabha Medal for his outstanding contributions to Cosmic Ray Research.
2015Prof. Thomas K Gaisser
2017Prof. Subir Sarkar
2019Prof. Takaki Kajita

Mrs. Rani Mehta had endowed an amount of Rs.20,70,000/- in memory of her late husband, Dr. Madanlal Mehta for a named lecture in the area of theoretical physics to be organized every year.

The recipients are

2010 Prof. O. Bohigas
2011 Dr. Satya Majumdar
2012 Prof. Peter Grassberger
2013 Prof. Krishna Rajagopal
2013 Prof. Paul Krapivsky
2015 Prof. Bhuvnesh Jain
2016Prof. Dov Levine
2017Prof. David Kaplan
2018Prof. Ashvin Vishwanath
2020Prof. Ashoke Sen

The family of late Professor Sukumar Biswas has endowed funds to the TIFR Endowment Fund for instituting an award in the memory of late Professor Sukumar Biswas who was a faculty member of TIFR. The award will be named "Professor Sukumar Biswas Ph.D. Student Award for Excellence in Physics".

The award will be given for the highest grades obtained during the first year of the course work in the Physics Ph.D. program in TIFR. It carries a cash component to be decided by an appropriate committee and a certificate.

2013Mr. Chandrodoy Chattopadhyay
2013Mr. Ashish Shukla
2014Mr. Dattaraj Dhuri
2014Mr. Jishnu Bhattacharya
2015Ms. Ahana Chakrabarty
2015Mr. Suman Chatterjee
2016Mr. Arindam Pramanik
2016Mr. Subhajit Ghosh
2016Mr. Pranay Gorantla
2017Mr. Upamanyu Moitra
2017Mr. Md. Mursalin Islam
2018Mr. Trakshu Sharma
2018Mr. Pranoy S Varma
2019Ms. Srijita Das
2019Mr. Aparajit Chandrasekaran
2020Ms. Anoma Ganguly
2020Mr. Krishnendu Maji
2021Mr. Susobhan Chattopadhyay
2021Mr. Soumyabrata Saha

Prof. Ramnath Cowsik, an alumni of TIFR, endowed two medals in the year 2011. The medals are to be awarded to a member of TIFR - visiting, regular or otherwise - for his/her contribution to an outstanding paper in any field published in the three years prior to the award.

Year Shri Ramakrishna Cowsik Smt. Saraswathi Cowsik
2013 Dr. S. U. Yanpallewar Dr. Neena Gupta
2014 Dr. R. Rajeev Dr. Rahul Vaze
2015 Dr. Arpan Rai Dr. Suvrat Raju
2016Dr. Ramya PurkantiDr. Tanvi Deora
2017Mr. Abhirup GhoshDr. John Mathew
2018Ms. Aswathy Raveendran
2019Mr. Indranuj Dey
2020Dr. Ankita DasDr. Moniruzzaman Shaikh
2021Dr. Giselle FernandesMr. Anupam Ray

Infosys Foundation endowed the corpus fund for instituting awards to science Olympiad medal winners. The award comprises a cash component of Rs 15,000/- and a certificate. The function is held at Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, every year in the month of December.

Dr. Dharmaji Shinde has endowed funds Rs. 1, 51,000/- to the TIFR Endowment Fund in memory of his late grandmother, Mrs. Ratanbai Chhotalal Jerajani. The purpose of this fund is to award fellowship or prize to students from Astronomy or Astrophysics Department. The student seminars may be the criteria for selection. This award is given every year.

2013Mr. Joe Philip Ninan
2014Mr. Kuldeep Verma
2015Ms. Shreya Banerjee
2017Mr. Jishnu Bhattacharya
2018Mr. Debdutta Paul
2018Mr. Dattaraj B. Dhuri
2019Mr. S. Abhimanyu
2020Mr. Lankeswar Dey
2021Mr. Samarth G. Kashyap

Professor J. Maharana has endowed funds Rs. 2, 60,000/- to the TIFR Endowment Fund in the memory of his late wife, Dr. Sumitra Maharana. This is a named lecture award and carries a cash component of Rs. 10, 000/- . The speaker must be working in the area of life sciences.


2018Prof. Anura V KurpadSTABLE ISOTOPES IN NUTRITION - protein and the health - nutrition-agriculture linkage
2017Prof. Tapas K. KunduEpigenetics - Life Beyond Your Genes Implications In Behavior And Health
2016Dr. Rakesh MishraDetermining the details of the antero-posterior body axis
2014 Prof. Shamshad Cockroft Lipid Transfer Proteins in Phosphoinositide Signalling and Membrane Traffic

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Alumni Association (TAA) Excellence Award was introduced in the Homi Bhabha Birth Centenary Year – 2009. The corpus for this award has been endowed by the late Prof. Devendra Lal to the tune of Rs. 5 lacs. Prof. Madhav Nori has infused an additional amount of Rs. 1 lac.


2014 Prof. Prabuddha Gangulit
2014 Prof. Srinivasan Ramani
2014 Prof. Kailash Rustagi
2014 Prof. Ravi Subrahmanyan
2016Prof. Prahlad Chandra Agrawal
2016Prof. Spenta Rustom Wadia
2016Prof. Nallagounder Periasamy
2018Prof. Narayana Bhat
2018Prof. Arun Grover
2018Prof. Raj G. Pillay
2018Prof. P. V. S. Rao
2018Prof. Madhukar Pitke
2018Prof. R. V. Hosur
2018Prof. E. Krishnakumar
2018Prof. Avinash Dhar
2018Prof. Dinesh Sharma
2018Prof. K. L. Narasimhan
2021Prof. S. G. Dani
2021Prof. H. C. Pradhan
2021Prof. Jayashree Ramadas

Prof. B. M. Arora has endowed funds of Rs. 1 lac to the TIFR Endowment Fund towards the TAA Patent Award.

2016Prof. Gaiti Hasan
2016Prof. Yamuna Krishnan (Three Patent Awards)
2016Dr. Dhiraj Bhatia
2016Prof. Gayatri Venkiteswaran
2016Prof. Saikat Chakroborty
2016Dr. Souvik Modi

The Awardees are

2013Dr. Shital Suryavanshi
2013Mr. Rajeev B. Kambli
2014Mr. Girish B. Gawde
2014Mr. S. V. Jadhav
2014Mr. Prashant P. Velekar
2014Mr. Ashok P. Nalawade
2014Mr. Ramesh R Bhosle

The Awardees are

2015Prof. H. M. Antia
2015Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar
2015Prof. Gotam K. Jarori
2015Prof. M. K. Mathew
2016Prof. V. Srinivas
2016Prof. Sudipta Maiti
2017Prof. Gautam Mandal
2017Prof. G. Nagarjuna
2017Prof. Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
2018Prof. Kedar Damle
2018Prof. Ranjan Das
2019Prof. Nitin Nitsure
2019Prof. Vidita Vaidya
2019Prof. Shirajz Minwalla
2020Prof. Amol Dighe
2020Prof. Vinod Prabhakaran
2021Prof. Sreerup Raychaudhuri
2021Prof. Ravindra Venkatramani
2021Prof. Tamal Das

The Awardees are

2014Dr. Farhat Aara
2014Dr. Shamin Padalkar
2018Dr. Aswathy Raveendran
2020Dr. Geetanjali Date
2020Dr. Gurinder Singh