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"Deemed to be University"

Degree Verification: Any agency that needs verification of a TIFR-awarded degree may do so using either by examining the lists below or by using the National Academic Database (NAD).

NAD registration Instructions for students / former students:  External agencies will be able to use the NAD to verify your degree only if you first create your account and then approve their accessing your records.

All Degrees:   PhD    MSc/Phil  (alphabetically sorted)

Year of Award:

2023  Ph.D. M.Sc./M.Phil.
2022 Ph.D. M.Sc./M.Phil.
2021 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2020 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2019 Ph.D. M.Sc./M.Phil.
2018 Ph.D. M.Sc./M.Phil.
2017 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2016 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2015 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2014 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2013 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2012 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2011 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2010 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2009 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2008 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2007 Ph.D. M.Sc.
2006 Ph.D. M.Sc./M.Phil. 
2005 Ph.D. - 


Degree Verification via the National Academic Database (NAD)

The NAD provides a mechanism to employers, academic institutions and any other organizations to verify students’ academic records available on NAD through an API interface. The organizations that wish to verify academic records of the students using this interface must apply online using the link:

The application will be approved upon verification. The verifier organization can then get the necessary credentials to access the API by signing in into account on:  

Verifying organizations are required to obtain and provide the consent of the student before accessing any academic record. When the verifying organisation requests verification of a certificate, DigiLocker NAD will notify the student through email or SMS using registered information of the student.

Currently, only verifying organizations in India will be able to use this system since the telephone number field for an OTP accepts only 10 digits leaving no room for a country code. We have raised this with the NAD since it is an inconvenient restriction.