Amount: Rs. 25,000/-(First Year Int. Ph.D. students)-Book Grant Only / 40,000/- per year [Ph.D. students and Int. Ph.d. students (Second Year onwards)]  (non-cumulative)

Period :5 years only (For Ph.D. students) , 6 Years only (For Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. students)

Time : From 1 August to 31 July.  


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Contingency Education Grant Rules


Research Scholars are eligible for a Contingency Education Grant of Rs.25,000/- /Rs.40,000/- per year, for a maximum period of 5/6 years from the date of joining the Institute. This account is maintained by the University Cell (For NSF and STCS) on the basis of academic year, i.e. August to July, which will be non-cumulative.


The items covered by the grant shall be


1) Books, journals, cost of photocopying of documents.

2)Payment of fellowships/memberships of professional organizations/


3) Travel to conferences, workshop and other educational trips.

4) Purchase of Laptops, Notebook, Tablet PCs, e-Book Reader etc.

6)Purchase of Computer Software peripherals, accessories and software.

7) Internet Bill for Students located outside the Campus


***Mobile Phones are not Allowed under Contingency***


The Book Grant during the first year would cover item numbers 1,4, 5 and 6.






Policy Regarding Contingency Grant:


The Contingency Grant to be reimbursed during an Academic Year (August 1st – July 31st ) would be in general against bills with dates not before the start of the financial year.  For example, the Contingency grant for 2018-19 would need bills with dates after April 1st 2018. 


The student should be a TIFR Research Scholar on the date shown in the bill.


In case the student has bill/s that go beyond the available contingency Grant  he/she can submit those bills before the end of the Academic year, with a request that the balance amount be reimbursed from the next year’s contingency Grant once the student becomes eligible for it.


The Contingency Grant/Book Grant has to be utilized during the Academic Year(Aug-July) and cannot in general be carried forward to the next Academic Year. The only exception would be if there is a specific conference in the next Academic year that the student plans to attend.  For this, the student should send a request to the Dean, GS, with the approval of the Thesis Supervisor/Department Chair.  The amount carried over can be used only for the expenses related to the visit for the specified conference.


The Contingency Grant/Book Grant for an academic year may be claimed at any time during the year.  However, if the student leaves TIFR before the completion of the year, the amount of Grant the student is eligible for will be calculated(proportional to the fraction of the year spent in the Institute) and the extra amount will be recovered.


Documents Required along with Claim:


*Books purchased under Contingency will have to be brought to University Cell for Stamping with CEG Stamp at the time of Claim Submission.

*For society subscriptions, a copy of the receipt needs to be enclosed (countersigned by a Reader or above from the same group).

* For travel reimbursement (schools, conferences and workshop) a copy of the letter of invitation, Copy of deputation leave granted, a statement from the organizers certifying attendance and that they did not pay for travel as well as copies of tickets/Boarding Pass etc. (all countersigned by a Reader or above from the same group) will have to be submitted.

* Please note that a valid Invoice in the name of the student claiming Contingency (with Invoice number , CST no., VAT no. etc.  and not simply a Delivery Challan or Proforma Invoice ) has to be produced for claiming contingency.

Foreign currency cash memos need to be converted into Indian currency (which will be done by Accounts section)

Claim Procedure:


Purchased items along with cash memos and “Contingency Claim Form”, duly approved and signed by the Course/Project/Ph.D. Guide and countersigned by a Reader or above from the same group of the Research Scholar (in case those guides do not fall in this category) should be submitted to University Cell (Room No. A-166) to complete the administrative formalities.

The money (upto Rs.5000/- cash & above Rs.5000/- by direct debit into CBI Bank Account) will be paid at the Institute's Cash Counter/Accounts Section.

Cash Counter Time: 11.00 a.m. 12.30 p.m. and 01.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m.


Updated January 31, 2020