Amount: Rs. 25,000/-(First Year Int. Ph.D. students)-Book Grant Only 40,000/- per year [Ph.D. students and Int. Ph.d. students (Second Year onwards)] (non-cumulative)

Period :5 years only (For Ph.D. students), 6 Years only (For Integrated M.Sc.- Ph.D. students)

Time : From 1 August to 31 July.

(For Students on Colaba Campus - last day for applying via datanet - June 30)

For Students in the TIFR Mumbai Campus, all reimbursements procedures are via Datanet. The deadline for filling your claims is June 30th each academic year, or ONE MONTH prior to your resignation/termination date.

The detailed procedure is available at p6W3PP0DPZsGt_Y40qu4/edit?usp=sharing

Policy Regarding Contingency Grant:

The Contingency Grant to be reimbursed during an Academic Year (August 1st – July 31st ) would be in general against bills with dates not before the start of the financial year. For example, the Contingency grant for 2018-19 would need bills with dates after April 1st 2018.

The student should be a TIFR Research Scholar on the date shown in the bill.

The Contingency Grant/Book Grant for an academic year may be claimed at any time during the year. However, if the student leaves TIFR before the completion of the year, the amount of Grant the student is eligible for will be calculated(proportional to the fraction of the year spent in the Institute) and the extra amount will be recovered.

Teachers' Contingency Grant

The Teacher is entitled for a Contingency Grant (earlier known as Book Grant) as follows:

  1. Rs. 30,000/- per course (class room lectures of 25 or more lectures).

  2. Rs. 15,000/- per course (15-20 class room lectures)

  3. Rs. 5,000/- grant for graders* (for Core courses in Physics).

    They can claim this amount for following:

    1. Purchase of books, journals, cost of Photocopying of documents.

    2. Payment of fellowships/memberships of professional organisations/societies.

    3. Travel to conferences/meetings both within and outside India (by the teacher or a colleague/student/visiting fellow authorised by the teacher).

    4. Purchase of Laptop, Notebook, Tablet PCs, e-book reader etc.

    5. Purchase of Computer peripherals, accessories and software.

If the books are related to the course which is to be taught then this grant can be availed before the course.

The grant may be used during the Academic Year(Aug-July) in which the course is taught, and may be accumulated to a maximum of three years.

If more than one Teacher is teaching a course this Book-Grant amount may be divided among themselves.

Claim for the reimbursement can be done online via datanet. Once approved by the GSOffice, the bills along with printout of the approval can be submitted to the Accounts Cashier.

*Grader Grant

Any course that is certified as a Core Course by the Convener, Subject Board, can have a grader who will receive a book grant. If the number of students is found to be too large for a single grader, then the teacher may put up a request for two graders to the Dean, Graduate Studies. The request should be countersigned by the

Subject Board Convener.

For Faculty and students in the TIFR Mumbai Campus, all reimbursement procedures are via Datanet. The detailed procedure is available at 6W3PP0DPZsGt_Y40qu4/edit?usp=sharing

Office Order OD-91-2015 Dated Sept 22,2015- click here