Steps for Registration


1. Download and Fill registration form

2. Submit filled in registration form along with signed write-up to University cell.

3. Submit course grade sheet signed by Course Co-ordinator along with registration form.



*Fellowship will be increased from the date of Ph.D. registration.

*2 years residency period required from the date of joining TIFR for submission of Ph.D. synopsis and 1 year in case of M.Sc.

*Check your TIFR registration number after some days on the web.

*Check if your Fellowship is enhanced in coming month or check with University Cell


Synopsis seminar reports to be sent to University Cell by the respective Subject Board Office


Steps for Synopsis submission


1. Download and Fill synopsis form

2. Submit Synopsis form duly signed by the student, Guide & Convener, Subject Board together with

a) One Hard copy of the Synopsis

b) One Soft Copy (send through email to and

3. Guide to send list of possible External Examiners (minimum 6 names) to University Cell. The list should be complete with email I.D., contact numbers,

     postal address of the examiners.( In case of Physics and Biology 3 Indian and 3 Foreign names. )University Cell sends the synopsis to external examiners recommended by the Convener, Subject Board for knowing their convenience/availability to evaluate the thesis.

4. Names of the External Examiners are to be kept confidential till the reports are received.





* A Residency period of 2 years after joining TIFR is mandatory for submitting Ph.D. thesis and one year for M.Sc. thesis.

* Thesis should be submitted within six months from the date of submission of the synopsis.


Steps for Thesis submission


1.      Download and Fill Thesis submission form (print the Copyright Self-Certification form at the back)


2. Submit Thesis form and Copyright Self-Certification form (printed back to back)duly filled up, signed by student, Guide and Subject Board Convener along with  an electronic copy of the thesis (Pdf version may be mailed to The thesis should include:

            a) Cover page format

b) Declaration

c) Synopsis  to University Cell for further procedure.


Note : Hard Spiral bound copies may have to be submitted later on if required.


For Biology Specific Guidelines click here


3. University Cell sends thesis to the external examiners for evaluation. Thesis reports obtained from the external examiners and Guide (approx. a month or more) are sent to respective Convener, Subject Board for perusal;   for approval to conduct Viva & constitute committee for evaluating Viva Voce Examination (normally Subject Board Convener, Guide and one of the External examiners).

4. A set of reports is also sent to the guide for information.  The University Cell co-ordinates for arranging viva after approval of the Convener, Subject Board for conducting viva is conveyed to it.  The Thesis advisor is therefore, requested not to initiate any action on the basis of these reports.



Ph.D.Thesis to be submitted within 6 months from the date of Synopsis submission.


Steps for Final Thesis submission


1. Viva Report duly signed by the Viva Committee to be sent to University Cell.

2. Student to submit duly filled

a)  Submission of Final Version of Thesis: Declaration form

b) One copy of Final Bound Thesis and

c) Two Electronic copies (PDF format on CD) (If the candidate wishes to upload only an edited version of the thesis on TIFR website i.e. the thesis not as a whole, he/she should submit one full  version for preserving in University cell and an edited version for SIRC for uploading on TIFR website.)

3. Provisional degree certificate signed by Dean, GS will be issued only after receiving the above.

4. Final Degree certificate signed by Director and Chairman, Council of Management, TIFR will be issued only after the Academic Council accords its approval in its subsequent meeting.

5. Students should inform by email to University Cell their postal address (and phone no.) to which degree certificate is to be posted.


For Biology Specific Guidelines click here.




For students who are re-registering after lapse of registration or who are submitting thesis after their term is over please find form of  ‘Fees Payment’