Homi Bhabha Birth Centenary Commemorative ASET Lectures

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai has launched the birth centenary celebrations of Dr. Homi J. Bhabha on 30th October 2008. The celebrations spanning a period of two years will go on till 30th October 2010. As mentioned by Prof Mustansir Barma, Director, TIFR, this would be an ideal period not only to renew our commitment to academic activities, but also to rededicate ourselves to the far-sighted vision and scientific and intellectual legacy of Dr. Homi Bhabha, who has set very high standards for the Institute's functioning.

ASET has been very active over the years in fulfilling its committed role as a forum for dissemination and discussion of engineering, technology and science issues. In the modern era of front-ranking experimental science, these three disciplines are often inseparable and interdependent. Dr Bhabha himself has demonstrated this by his outstanding achievements encompassing all these three areas. As a humble tribute to the great visionary and to commemorate his birth centenary, ASET is organising Homi Bhabha Birth Centenary Commemorative ASET Lectures. The lectures will be delivered by eminent personalities in the areas mentioned above. There will be 24 lectures in total one in every month, spanning the entire period of centenary celebrations. All the lectures are usually held on working Fridays at 1600 hours in the Institute's main lecture theatre (AG-66). The lectures will be non-technical in nature and will target young students and general public, in addition to the practitioners of the above mentioned fields.

The list of lectures and other related information is given here. Please check this link often for updated information. Kindly send your suggestions, feedback, proposals for lectures etc. to aset@tifr.res.in.