Scientific Programme

Programme Details and Timetable

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Invited Speakers

1. Ralf Röhlsberger, DESY, Germany (confirmed)
2. Heinz Haas, CERN, Switzerland (confirmed)
3. Philippe Mendels, Université de Paris-Sud (to be confirmed)
4. Stephen Blundell, Oxford, UK (confirmed)
5. Zaher Salman, PSI, Switzerland (confirmed)
6. Jun Sugiyama, Toyota Labs, Japan (confirmed)
7. Ruben De Groote, University of Jyväskylä, Finland (confirmed)
8. Andrew Stuchbery, ANU, Canberra, Australia (confirmed)
9. Deyan T. Yordanov, INP, Orsay, France (confirmed)
"Recent highlights from collinear laser spectroscopy in the Z=50 region"
10. Jeffrey Hangst, CERN, Switzerland (confirmed)
11. Wilfried Nörterhäuser, TU, Darmstadt, Germany (confirmed)
“Rise and Fall of the Hyperfine Puzzle of Strong-Field QED"
12. Dimiter L Balabanski, ELI-NP, Romania (confirmed)
“Status of ELI-NP and opportunities for hyperfine research”
13. Thomas Prokscha, PSI, Switzerland (confirmed)
“µSR opportunities at the Swiss Muon Source SµS”
14. Yoshitaka Yoda, SPring-8, Japan (confirmed)
“Latest research using nuclear resonant scattering at SPring-8”
15. Ercan Alp, ANL, USA (confirmed)
16. Karl Johnston, ISOLDE, CERN, Switzerland (confirmed)
17. Y. Ichikawa, RIKEN, Japan (confirmed)
"Nuclear magnetic dipole moments measured with spin-oriented RI beams at RIKEN RIBF"