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ICFA2023 schedule at glance


Classroom Session

SL. No. Topic Speaker Affiliation
1. Landscape of particle physics Amol Dighe TIFR, India
2. Matter Particle Interactions Daniel Froidevaux CERN
3. Electronics and Signal Processing Christophe De La Taille OMEGA, France
4. Trigger & DAQ Sridhara Dasu Wisconsin, USA
5. Accelerator for High Energy Physics Isabel Bejar CERN
6. Silicon detector Frank Hartmann KIT, Germany
7. Gaseous detector Maksym Titov Saclay, France
8. Scintillator with readout (PMT & SSD) Etinnette Auffray Hillemanns CERN
9. Particle Identification Samo Korpar JSI, Slovenia
10. Calorimeter Sunanda Banerjee IACS, India
11. Statistical Methods and Machine Learning technique David Rousseau IJC Lab, France
12. Dark matter detectors Elisabetta Barberio Melbourne, Australia
13. Neutrino physics and Detector Albert Gago PUCP, Peru
14. Interface with industry and medical sector Cinzia Da Via Manchestor, UK
15. Quantum information science as applied to particle physics with a focus on quantum sensing Michael Doser CERN

Special Session

Laboratory Session

Hardware Session :

Experiments :

  1. Charge/voltage Sensitive Preamplifier
  2. Pulse Shaping and filtering circuit
  3. Time-to-voltage comparator and discriminator
  4. Introduction to FPGA and logic code for trigger in HEP : Basic programming with Max10 family of Altera board
    1. Git repo to the codes
    2. Readme
    3. Introduction
    4. Installation steps
    5. JTAG driver installation and Quartus Project Workflow
    6. Max10 Dev Board User Manual
    7. Max10 Dev Board DataSheet
    8. List of Exercises
    9. Project1_not_button
    10. Project2_led_blick
    11. Project3_hex_counter

  5. Characterisation of RPC detector : measure surface resistivity, leak test, characteristic impedance of strips, noise rate, dark current and muon detection efficiency as a function of HV
  6. Characteristics of Plastic Scintillator detector : Noise rate, Efficiency measurement of detector at different HV. Measurement of pulse height and width, also arrival time and its resolution as a function of HV
  7. Calibration and characterisation of HPGe detector
  8. Characterisation of MicroMEGAS : Study the gain, noise, resolution etc as a function of operating HV
  9. Gamma ray spectroscopy using Lanthanum Bromide scintillator detector
  10. Basic studies with Silicon Photomultiplier : Estimation of Breakdown voltage, gain as a function of Vover using data from random trigger and LED source
  11. Measurement of Muon Lifetime using scintillator detector
  12. Micro-controller : Reading temperature of SiPM detector and compensating operating voltage for the same gain
  13. Cherenkov Detector : Experimental Setup and Writeup
  14. Basic properties of silicon sensor : (a) Introduction to silicon sensor, (b) Transient Current Technique (TCT) for silicon studies and (c) Alibava Readout System
  15. Identification of natural background sources in low count rate experiment
  16. Gaseous Proportional Chamber: Basic properties with energy resolution of 55Fe X-ray source