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Welcome to XV ICFA School on Instrumentation in Elementary Particle Physics at TIFR.
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Aim of School

The aim of the school is to bring together graduate students from India, the neighbouring and western countries. The school provides an excellent opportunity to MSc, and PhD students as well as postdocs who want to acquire "hands-on" experience in different detector technologies used in Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, and Astrophysics.

The school program covers topics ranging from physics of gaseous detectors, particle identification, calorimetry, silicon detectors, to signal processing and data acquisition. In addition to the well-established methods, several review talks will be dedicated for new technologies and to applications in medical physics, astrophysics and data acquisition. In the afternoon laboratory sessions, students in small groups will perform selected experiments, like measurements of life time of cosmic ray muon and will get exposed to various techniques, e.g., analog and digital signal processing etc.



There are following two main committee



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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
Homi Bhabha Road, Navy Nagar, Colaba,
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