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Registraion is closed !

For Students / Lectures:

  • Register for the School:
  • To register in this school, visit the registration page. Hit the submit or Register button to complete the registration procedure.

    Students, kindly note that, registration doesn't ensure your seat for this school. List of the selected candidates would publish on website, after the registration and selection process. Also, candidate would receive an email confirmation about his/her selection.

  • Modify Your Form:
  • Fill your registration form carefully. You may contact us on e-mail: icfa2023@tifr.res.in in case of any modification required in the form.

  • Recommendation Letter:
  • In addition, two duly signed reference letters of online recommendation must be sent directly by the referee and it must contain your registration-id, which was generated after completion of registration process. Applicants are requested to inform your respective recommenders about the following online recommendation form. Your application is completed only if signed copies of the recommendation letters from your referees are received by the organising committee in due time, which is Oct 31, 2022