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Prof. S. Ramakrishnan (2021- )

The IPA has been an active platform for physics community in India for past 50 years and has facilitated interactions through many different channels. The pandemic has opened up new opportunities of networking through online interactions and IPA has fully engaged with this. The IPA50 webinar series, started in Sept 2020, is an example of the same.

The IPA plans to initiate new programs to attract and engage the young researchers. The liaising with physics societies of other nations will be actively pursued to enhance interactions of Indian physicists with the global community. I look forward to your suggestions, support and engagement in this endeavour. Together we can keep IPA academically vibrant in the coming years.

I also take this opportunity to request all members and friends to donate generously to IPA jubilee fund, in order to support various IPA activities.

Physics News: Vol. 51 No. 1-2 January-June 2021 issue published Online

IPA Jubilee Fund

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IPA Colloquium: "Innovative Technology & Applications"
    Dr. Rachana Dave on 3rd July 2021, 5:30 PM   YouTubelink

Link to IPA Colloquium: Prof. S. A. Ramakrishna Prof. Samir K Pal Dr. P. Pathak

Link to IPA50 lectures: Prof. Rohini Godbole Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar Prof. A. K. Raychaudhuri
Prof. S. Chattopadhyay Prof. Archana Pai Prof. Sanjay Puri Prof. S. Krishnagopal Prof. H. M. Antia
Prof. S. Annapurni Prof. D. Indumathi Dr. B. K. Nayak Dr. B. Dasgupta "Gender in Physics" Prof. K. Dasgupta
Prof. A. J. Pal Prof. S. Varma Prof. S. Lahiri Prof. S. A. Mujumdar Prof. R. R. Navalgund Prof. S. Chattopadhyay
Prof. A. K. Sood Prof.B. Buti Prof. G. I. Menon Prof. A. Sen De Prof. S Narasimhan Prof. S Sachdev Prof. A Sen

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