This lecture series was initiated in the year 1989 by Indian Physics Association, with a grant from the Department of Atomic Energy. Initially, these lectures were given to undergraduate students in science and professional colleges within the limits of Greater Bombay on topics in nuclear sciences and their applications or other topics of interest to the Department of Atomic Energy, with the objective of exciting the young minds. Four DAE – C V Raman lecturers were selected every year, who usually delivered two lectures each at different venues and the lecturer was paid a token honorarium of Rs. 5,000/.

Since the year 2009, the DAE – C V Raman Lectures have been extended to all parts of the country and are delivered by distinguished scientists from nearby institutions. The selection of four DAE – CV Raman lecturers (per year), who deliver one lecture each, is made by the executive committee of IPA.
Since the year 2017, there would be total five speakers, out of which at least one will be a women scientist.
The DAE C V Raman lectures continue to be supported by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (DAE) and each lecturer is paid a token honorarium of Rs. 15,000/- and Rs.25,000/- is paid to organize this lecture.
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