Gender in Physics Working Group

The Gender in Physics Working Group (GIPWG) of the IPA

While the scientific enterprise is intended to be one where both men and women can thrive, the gender gap in the profession has been widely recognised as a serious problem, both within the country and world-wide. This is a major obstacle that limits our enterprise from achieving its full potential. The gender gap in the physics profession in India, as elsewhere, is particularly large. The root causes of the gap are clearly complex, and need to be addressed both in the local and global context.

While the science academies of India as well as the Department of Science and Technology have individually and collectively set up panels to address issues related to gender in all of the sciences, the IPA is spearheading the effort specifically in physics.

The IPA formalised a Working Group on Gender in Physics in May, 2017, with the mandate of co-ordinating national efforts towards gender parity in the Indian physics profession. The working group is intended to, inter alia, collate information on the status of gender parity in the Indian physics profession, facilitate deliberations on the issue, come up with recommendations from time to time to address the gender disparity in physics, network with IUPAP and the corresponding national working groups of IPA's sister-organizations, viz., the Institute of Physics (UK) and the American Physical Society (USA), and also the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies of which IPA is a member.

links to Phys News Articles (GIPWG_Intro_apr17.pdf, GIPWG_sept18.pdf )

The 8th International conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP2023) will be held in India (online) in July 2023.
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