MemberShip Fees :
Category of Membership Subscription
a) Life Member
Indian Rs. 5000.00
Foreign US $500.00
b) Associate Member (Annual)
Indian Rs. 500.00
Foreign US $100.00
c) Institutional Member Rs. 20000.00
d) Student Member Rs. 250.00
A member who has been continuously on the rolls of the association for 5 years or more shall have the right to compound for future payment by a single payment of Rs.2500/- only.

Note: Anyone who is affiliated to an Institute/University in India can apply for Indian membership, while all those who are affiliated to Institutes/Universities outside India can apply for Foreign Membership.

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Life Member (Indian):
Associate Member (Annual):
Indian: 500.00
Indian (Student): 250.00

Details of Membership Fees
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