Memorandum of Association

1. The name of the organisation (hereinafter called the Association) shall be Indian Physics Association shall be a professional non-profit organisation.

2. The registered office of the Association shall be in Bombay in the state of Maharashtra.

3. The aims and objectives of the Association shall be :

a. To help towards the advancement, dissemination and application of the knowledge of physics.
b. To promote active interaction among all persons, bodies, institutions (private and /or state owned) and industries interested in achieving the advancement, dissemination and application for the knowledge of physics.
c. To disseminate information in the field of physics by publication of bulletins, reports, newsletters, journals incorporating research and teaching ideas, reviews, new developments, announcements regarding meetings, seminars, etc., and employing media of mass communications radio, T.V., etc., and also by arranging special programmes for students or establishing student cadres.
d. To arrange seminars, lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences and film shows on current research topics and other topics of national and local interest pertaining to research and teaching in physics.
e. To organise regional chapters in different parts of the country as and when the need arises.
f. To secure grants, funds and endowments and administer the same for the furtherance of the above any or all aims and objectives.
g. To acquire property such as office premises, auditorium, research laboratories, hostels, etc.
h. To frame, adopt and/or sanction rules and regulations whereby the Association may think fit to guide itself or whereto the said Association should conform or have recourse to in the carrying out of its objectives and/or otherwise and from time to time vary, alter or confirm one or other of such rules and regulations.
i. To undertake and execute all other acts which shall promote all or any of the aims and objectives of the Association.
And it is hereby declared that in the event of an ambiguity in the interpretation of this clause, the clause shall be construed in such a way as to widen and not to restrict the powers of the Association.

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