Vol. 51 No. 1-2 January-June 2021
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From the President's Desk
S. Ramakrishnan
Content Page

1. Bibha Chowdhuri – The First Woman Scientist at the TIFR
Suprakash C Roy and Rajinder Singh
2. Dr. Bibha Chowdhuri at PRL: Work and Reminiscences
Yogesh C. Saxena
3. Cosmic Ray Research at Physical Research Laboratory (1947-1972)
R P Kane
4. Dr. Bibha Chowdhuri: Some Reminiscences
5. Cosmic ray Research in India - Historical Perspective
Sreerup Raychoudhury
6. Saga of Periodic Table of the Standard Model
Rohini Godbole
7. From Cloud Chambers to Time Projection Chambers
Archana Sharma
8. Cosmic rays, neutrinos & multi-messenger astronomy with IceCube
M. Rameez and S. Sarkar
9. What we can still learn from cosmic muons?
Moon Moon Devi
10. Muon g-2 Anomaly
Manimala Mitra
11. The legacy of Dr. Bibha Chowdhuri and Astroparticle Physics in India
Sunil K. Gupta
12. Women in High Energy Physics in Post Independent India
Bindu A. Bambah
13. History of the Working Group of Women in Physics in India
Sumathi Rao
News and Events  
A report on IPA50 webinar series “New Horizons in Physics”
A report on panel discussion “Women in Physics: where do we go from here?”
A report on APS International Young Leaders Forum 2021
Book Review A Jewel Unearthed: Bibha Chowdhuri
Department Profile Department of Physics, University of Calcutta
Meet the Physicists
Backscatter Doodling forgotten achievers

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