Vol. 52 No.1-2 January-June 2022
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1.The work behind one half of the 2021 Physics Nobel Prize
Rama Govindarajan
2. Global Drivers of India's Climate Variability and Trend
Raghu Murtugudde
3. Complexity and Indian monsoon in a rapidly changing climate
B.N. Goswami
4. Climate change and monsoons: a paleo perspective
Chetankumar Jalihal
5. Water Cycle in a Changing Climate
Subimal Ghosh
6. Climate Change and Cryosphere: a global and Himalayan perspective
Mohd. Farooq Azam and Argha Banerjee
7. Understanding extreme weather using thought experiments
Joy Merwin Monteiro
8. IITM Earth System Model (IITM-ESM) for Climate Change Studies
Swapna Panickal, R. Krishnan and N. Sandeep
9. A climate science course for all undergraduates
Kripa Gowrishankar
News and Events  
Report on IPA-APS panel discussion on Gender and Equity in Physics
IPA Young Physicists Meet 2022
ISM2021 Discussion Session Report
Department Profile: Department of Earth and Climate Science, IISER Pune
Meet the Physicists

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