First Bulletin

The XXV International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interactions at High Energies will be held at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India during August 22-27, 2011. Please mark your calenders.

This Symposium follows the tradition of a long series of high energy physics conferences, the International Symposia on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies. The programme will feature plenary reports covering topics of major interest to the particle physics community. A poster session will be organised where students and young post-docs can present their work.

Unlike past Lepton Photon symposia, there will be no country-wise quota of delegates for this symposium.

If you need an invitation letter for attending the symposium, then please fill up the invitation request form from the symposium webpage. More details about this may be found under the "Invitation Letters" section.

The symposium webpage is online and will be populated soon with information on accommodation, registration, submission of abstracts, weather, tourism and other information. Please keep visiting this webpage for updates at frequent intervals.


Second Bulletin

The XXV International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interaction at High Energies will be held at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, in August 2011. This is the second symposium bulletin to keep you informed about various relevant matters.

Firstly, we would like to remind you that participation in Lepton Photon 2011 is not by invitation and also that there no longer is a country-wise quota. So if you intend to participate then please do visit the symposium website and register. Please also obtain the Indian Visa as early as possible and defenitely before you begin your Journey to Mumbai, because there is no facility for visa on arrival. Please find below some other relevant information.

Registration: Registration is on.Details of registration fees and the method of remitting the fees are available in the website. We have arranged for payment of fees by bank transfer. Last date for registration without late fee is 30 June 2011.

Invitation letters: To those non-Indian participants who have registered till now, we have sent out the invitation letters by email. These letters may be useful for obtaining the Indian visa. If a signed paper copy of the invitation letter is required, please contact the organizers as early as possible. Non-Indian citizens are requested to complete the passport section of thier registration forms, this information is required by the Indian Government.

Scientific program: The outline scientific program is ready and available at the symposium website. All talks of Lepton Photon 2011 are plenary.

Poster session: A poster session will be arranged as part of the scientific program. We encourage faculty, students and post-doctoral researchers to submit abstracts for poster presentations. Last date for submission of abstracts is 25 June 2011. All abstracts will be screened by a panel and submitters will be informed if their poster is selected for display.

Accommodation: We have negotiated with some hotels for special discounted rates. A list of hotels is put up in the symposium website. Please book as early as possible. The procedure is for participants to send their reservation form directly to the hotel of their choice, with a copy to us. For further details please visit the website. All the hotels are within 6km from the symposium venue. Daily transport between hotels and venue during the symposium days will be arranged by us.

Weather: Some people have expressed concern about weather in Mumbai in August. Averages of historical data indicate that rains during Lepton Photon 2011 need not be a concern. For more explanation please visit the weather information in the General Information page of the web site

Transport/Airport pickup: We have made arrangements for participants to be picked up at the airport on arrival. This is a paid service and if you want this then please opt for this in your online registration form and add the charge to your registration fee. Besides this option, partipants have other options that are described in detail in the General information page of the website. As for the transport between listed hotels and the venue, this will be arranged by us without any cost to participants.

Visiting places: The venue and the listed hotels are all either right in popular tourist areas or very close by. This will help participants spend memorable time after the symposium hours. Accompanying persons, too, will be spoit for choice. Also, we have put up a few suggestions for one/two day trip outside Mumbai. Please visit the relevant sections of the general information page. We will soon put up maps of the area.

News and General Information: The "General Information" page of the symposium website is being constantly updated with new information. Please visit this page often to pick up latest information. Also, any news that has to catch attention will be highlighted in the right side column of the symposium home page.

Social program: We intend to make it a memorable visit for all, for acconpanying persons as well as for participants. Program details for accompanying persons are being worked out and will be available soon. We are also working on a memorable social program and will put up the details soon. Please visit the general information page for updates.


Third Bulletin

The XXV International Symposium on Lepton Photon Interaction at High Energies is being organized by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, from 22 to 27 August 2011. With the event just two weeks away, this is the third symposium bulletin to keep you informed about various relevant matters. Many areas of organizing the event are complete or nearing completiion.

We hope all participants have already obtained their visa. If you are still facing trouble, please contact us immediately. We will be glad to help in any way we can.

Registration and fees: Early registration ended on 18 July. Currently registration is on with late fee. You can pay your fee by credit card or bank transfer. Details of registration fees and the method of remitting the fees are available in the website. Here is the registration page and the payment page

Credit Card issues and clarification: Some participants had problems while paying their fee with credit cards. The information here is to help address the questions that some may have about credit cards when they are here. We asked our Bank for clarifications. Here it is: We as organizers can get from our bank an abbreviated reason for credit card transaction failures. Of those reasons, all but one are connected to particular card (over limit, expired, wrong password, etc). Such issues can cause problems when used at card swipe points, too.

There is one reason that affected come card holders just because their card shared an Issuer Identification Number (IIN, a.k.a. BIN) with many other cards that were caught in risky/fraudulent online transctions. We understand the consternation of some participants who were informed such a reason.

Our bank has clarified that such blocking is only for online transactions and IVR (interactive voice response) transactions. It will not affect card swipe transactions. So, some participants who were informed that their cards were blocked because of their card's BIN, may use their cards normally while in India. Also, we are arranging for participants to pay fee by credit card at the registration desk.

Scientific program: The outline scientific program is ready and available at the symposium website. All talks of Lepton Photon 2011 are plenary. The list of talks is put up in the Program page of the symposium.

First day's schedule: The first day, 22 August, starts with registration at 08:00 hrs. We have arranged for busses to bring participants from various symposium hotels to the venue in time for registration. Please note the times of departure of the bus from the hotels, given below. Please note that the below given schedule is for the first day only.

First day's bus schedule
HotelDep time
Taj Mahal, Fariyas, Residency, Sea Green/South07:30
Trident, Oberoi, Astoria, Chateau Windsor, Ambassador07:40

Umbrellas: The conference is being held during the end of the monsoon season and we expect a few showers during this period. We will be providing you with an unbrella along with your registration material. So there is no need for you to bring an umbrella.

Poster session: All poster submissions have been examined by the Poster selection committee. Those whose poster was selected for presentation have been informed individually. Please see the "Posters" link of the website for details of poster size. Please upload the soft copy of yoru poster as soon as possible and atleast a week before the start of the conference. Please see here for details

Accommodation: We will be sending out individual mails to all registrants, mentioning the accommodation status.

Airport Pickup: Arrangements are finalized for those who paid the airport pickup charges (INRA 1200) to the Organizers. We have arranged for a person to stand outside the arrivals area with a promininent placard of "Lepton Photon 2011". This person will have the list of persons who paid for the airport car. Please tell him your name and he he will direct you to your waiting chauffeur. Please note that the airport pickup refered to here is not the arrangement that you may have made with your hotel - that is between you and the hotel.

For those have not yet opted for airport pickup but wish to do so now, the option is still open. The payment page is modified to enable payment of the car tariff by credit card. Immediately on receiving your payment we will confirm the car for you.

If you do not wish for the arranged airport pickup car, the following information may be helpful.

  • Just before the exiting the arrival area of the airport, you will find kiosks selling tickets for pre-paid taxis. Payment is is Indian Rupees only, you will be given a ticket on which the fare, your name, destination and number of baggages/passengers are noted. You do not have to pay any fare to the taxi driver. While buying the ticket, please mention the hotel name and its location as given below. The fixed fare for airconditioned taxis (from International airport to any of the hotels below) is approximately INR 700, and INR 650 for non-airconditioned taxis
    • Hotels Fariyas is in "Colaba", behind Radio Club
    • Ambassador, Chateau Windsor, Astoria are in "Churchgate"
    • Taj President is in "Cuffe Parade"
    • Taj Palace is near "Gateway of India"
    • Trident is in "Nariman Point"

    After getting into the pre-paid taxi at the Airport, you have the option to travel by the Sea-Link. This will reduce your commuting time and also give you a grand offshore view of Mumbai. Sea-link is a toll way, costs INR 50 (one way) for one car/taxi, to be paid by the occupant, at the toll gate.

Cultural Program: We have organized a grand dance program, featuring one of the classical dance forms of India. Please view the brochures available on clicking here

Accompanying persons program: We have finalized the program for accompanying persons. Please look at the details here