General Information for participants

Poster proceedings that we received

Plenary Talks's Proceedings that we received
 - A. Nisati
 - A. Douadi
 - F. Petriello
 - Katja KREUGER
 - Hai-Bo LI
 - Mathias MOZER
Top Physics
 - Albert DEROECK
 - Alberto ANNOVI
Heavy Ion
 - Sourendu GUPTA
 - Tapan NAYAK
Neutrino Physics I
 - Davide DANGELO
 - Kai ZUBER
Neutrino Physics II
 - Jenny THOMAS
Future Projects I
 - Rolf HEUER
Dark Matter
 - Marco CIRELLI
Gravity, Cosmology, DE
 - Samir MATHUR
Messengers from Space Future Projects II Flavor Physics I
Flavor Physics II
 - Andreas HOECKER
 - Gerhard RAVEN
 - Amol DIGHE
Summary Talk
 - M. Peskin

We have now finalised details for the publication of the Lepton-Photon 2011 proceedings. It will be published as a special volume of PRAMANA-journal of physics,by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India.

Please send us your article by 1st December, 2011. Since we intend to publish the proceedings as a regular issue of Pramana, and we have to plan the scheduling of issues in the pipeline well in advance and we request you to kindly adhere to this deadline.

The style files and guidance to prepare the article in TeX can be downloaded from the PRAMANA website

For 35 minutes talk, the writeup should be limited to 15 pages and for 20 minutes talks it should be limited to 10 pages. The posters presentations should be limited to 3 pages.

We have negotiated with some hotels for discounted rates for this symposium. All these hotels are close (within approximately 6km) to the symposium venue. Complete and updated details of tariffs and how to book, are available here.

To know the latest availability, please go to the login page, login to your conference account, click on "Modify my registration" on the left column, and scroll down to the "Accommodation" section.
How to upload slides
This applies to uploads of both talks slides and posters. Please login to your account. After logging in please click on "My Contributions" on the left side menu. That will give you the list of contributions in your name. Please click on the title of the contribution. You will be then given a "manage material" button. clicking on the "manage material" button will take you to the interactive upload facility. Please remember to select the "type" that is appropriate to your material.

In brief, here is the procedure:
Login -> "My Contributions" -> Click on name of proceeding -> "manage material" -> select "type" and upload.

Alternatively (this applies only to speakers), please visit the Indico Timetable (login) , locate your talk and click on it, that will give you the "manage material" button.


Posters presentation
Soft copy of posters to be uploaded as soon as possible

The Selection Committee for abstracts has intimated individuals whose abstract was accepted for presentation. The process is complete.

Also, it was decided by the committee that each selected poster should have a separate presenter, that is one participant can present one poster. Collaborations have given the list of presenters for their posters, we have added the names.

The Organizers need a soft copy of the posters atleast a week before the start of the symposium, this is to let the Posters Committee to view the posters. Please upload the soft copy as soon as possible. Please note that both "submitters" of abstracts and the presenters have the privilege to upload the slides. Please login to your Indico account, click on "My Contributions" on the left side column (only those whose abstracts were selected will see this menu item). Then click on the name of the contribution, and then you will be given a "manage material" button at the bottom of the page.

The accepted posters should be printed on paper whose size is not larger than standard "A0" dimensions.

Live Webcast
Lepton Photon 2011 is being webcast live. The The webpage for live streaming is The webpage for the live streaming is: . The webcast is through CERN, and the contact person for any support is Tim Smith


Foreign Nationals coming into India are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Indian Visa.There is no provision of 'Visa on Arrival', so foreign passengers should ensure that they are in possession of valid Indian Visa before they start their journey to India. No fee is charged for immigration facilities at the airports.
  • We suggest that you obtain a Visa from your nearest Indian embassy prior to travel.
  • If you require an invitation from us then please indicate it in the registration form while registering.
  • Please get your visa early to avoid last minute problems.
  • We will require passport details of foreign participants. Kindly provide the details in the Registration form.
Taxi services
The listed hotels are about 25km from the international airport. If you wish you may ask us to have a prepaid car to wait for you at the arrival terminal (please indicate in your registration form, and add the charge to your registration fee ). Besides that, below are other options for taxi services to and from Mumbai's airport.
  • The pre-paid taxi from airport is the suggested. Just before the exiting the arrival area of the airport, you will find kiosks selling tickets for pre-paid taxis. Payment is is Indian Rupees only, you will be given a ticket on which the fare, your name, destination and number of bagages/passengers are noted. You do not have to pay any fare to the taxi driver. While buying the ticket, please mention the hotel name and its location as given below. The fixed fare for airconditioned taxis (from International airport to any of the hotels below) is approximately INR 600, and INR 550 for non-airconditioned taxis
    • Hotels Fariyas is in "Colaba", behind Radio Club
    • Ambassador, Chateau Windsor, Astoria are in "Churchgate"
    • Taj President is in "Cuffe Parade"
    • Taj Palace is near "Gateway of India"
    • Trident is in "Nariman Point"
  • These are couple of other taxis services that you can book at the airport on arrival.
    • Meru Cabs : these are metered taxis, driver accepts fare at destination by credit cards or by cash (INR only) and gives receipt. They have a kiosk at the airport.
    • Cool Cabs : these are fixed fare taxis, credit cards not accepted. There is a kiosk just outside the arrival terminal.
  • After getting into the car at the Airport, you have the option to travel by the Sea-Link. This will reduce your commuting time and also give you a grand offshore view of Mumbai. Sea-link is a toll way, costs INR 50 (one way) for one car/taxi, to be paid by the occupant at the toll gate.
Around the venue
The Lepton Photon 2011's venue is the Tata Institute. The picturesque campus is located at the southern tip of Mumbai city, flanked by the Arabian sea.

Located inside a military and naval residential areas, the venue is away from the hustle and bustle of the mega city. For the same reason, movement of foreigners outside the venue is restricted to the main road that leads up to the Tata Institute.

All the listed hotels are located outside the restricted area, but within about 6km from the venue. The area is the main tourist district of the city, and has all that tourists look forward to - art-deco areas, walk-around tours, heritage buildings, fine dining, popular bars and restaurants, popular hangouts, handicraft showrooms, curio shops, foreign exchange shops, sea side promenades.

Two of Indias busiest railway stations are close to the hotels. One of these stations formerly called Victoria Terminus, is also a World Heritate site listed by UNESCO.


Currency Exchange and ATM's
Some of the listed hotels have currency exchange counters for their guests. There are also well known currency exchange shops very short distances from the hotels and in the tourism areas.

So also, there are ATM's close by and one right inside the symposium venue.

Pre and post-conference Tours
We have requested a well known firm to offer package tours to participants at special discounted rates. The contact information is given below. Please contact Mr. Kapil Pant for all bookings, arrangements and payments. The link to packages offered will be here shortly.
Please click here to see the packages offered
   Mr. Kapil Pant
   Regional Manager – Western India
   ICE - Integrated Conference and Event Management
   (A division of Le Passage to India)
   1st Floor KHIL House (Orchid Hotel Compound) 70/C Nehru Road
   Vile Parle (East), Mumbai - 400099

   Tel : (+91 22) 33744500
   Direct No. : (+91 22) 33744546
   Fax : (+91 22) 33744555
   Mobile: (+91) 9004694230

Mumbai weather around LP11 dates
Mumbai has a tropical climate with moderate temperatures throughout the year. Its coastal location ensures it is free from the blistering summer heat experienced by most of central and south india and the northern plains. Summer in Mumbai is sunny and humid. The temperature follows a bipolar distribution with the hottest months being May (26-33 ° C) and October (23-33 ° C). By mid-June the monsoon breezes bring down temperatures and provide welcome rain after a continuous 8-month spell of sunshine lasting from the previous October. Heavy rains can be expected from mid-June to early August. The late monsoon, from mid-August to mid-September, has the coolest day temperatures of the year (29 ° C) and features a sharp drop in precipitation leading to breezy cloudy days during which it is typically enjoyable to be outdoors. Winters are sunny and pleasant but quite warm, with day temperatures going up to 32 ° C.

Historical precipitation data (sourced from Weather Underground) reveal that the daily rainfall in Mumbai on certain representative dates, averaged over the last seven years, is: July 1: 25mm, August 1: 38mm, August 22: 4mm, August 27: 6mm. The last two dates are the start and end of Lepton Photon 2011. This shows the sharp fall-off of precipitation through the middle of August. It may be noted that monthly precipitation figures only show a slight net reduction in rainfall in August compared to July, but do not make manifest the significant fall-off in precipitation towards the end of the month.

Registered participants and registered accompanying persons will be given an umbrella each.

Places near Mumbai
Late monsoon is a favourite season for outdoors activities. Groups of trekkers organise day or weekend trips to lakes and rivers or just in the hills around Mumbai. The sight and smell of freshly grown grass is most enjoyable as is the sight of the occasional small waterfall or rivulet. In interior regions of India the scenario is even more delightful as the baking hot summer (day temperatures in a place like Aurangabad can go to 38 or 40 degrees) is tempered from late June by the rainfall, and the arid brown earth miraculously transforms to green. Those with just a day on hand may want to stroll in the verdant Sanjay Gandhi National Park, an hour's from south Mumbai where Lepton-Photon 2011 will be held. Given a weekend to spare, one can visit the hill stations of Matheran (1.5 hours from Mumbai by train or road) or Lonavala and Khandala (2.5 - 3.5 hours from Mumbai by train or road). The train journey to the latter can be booked in advance and is quite comfortable. A longer trip, very highly recommended, would be to the legendary caves of Ajanta and Ellora (World Heritage sites near Aurangabad, a short flight or an overnight train journey from Mumbai).

For more information about the sites mentioned in the above paragraph, please visit the links in the left side column. We have also provided links to some hotel/travel sites.

The symposium dates fall in the middle of a festive season. On 21 August is "Janmashtami" one of the most popular of the festivals of India. It celebrates the birth of Krishna, one of the Hindu dieties. People of Mumbai celebrate this festival in a grand and unique way out on the streets. So if you are here on 21 August, you can enjoy the spectacle on one of the streets nearby the hotel.

Disclaimer about links to commercial sites
About the links to commercial sites provided under the heading "Some Hotel/Tour sites": While these commercial entities are reliable to the best of our knowledge, we of course do not endorse them or guarantee their services.

Cultural Program
We have arranged a grand cultural program as part of the symposium. The program will be held on 23 August, between 18:30 and 20:00. Please view the details from the brochure, downloadable from here: front of brocure, back of brocure

Credit Card issues and carification
Some participants had problems while paying their fee with credit cards. The information here is to help address the questions that some may have about credit cards when they are here. We asked our Bank for clarifications. Here it is:

We as organizers can get from our bank an abbreviated reason for credit card transaction failures. Of those reasons, all but one are connected to particular card (over limit, expired, wrong password, etc). Such issues can cause problems when used at card swipe points, too.

There is one reason that affected come card holders just because their card shared an Issuer Identification Number (IIN, a.k.a. BIN) with many other cards that were caught in risky/fraudulent online transctions. We understand the consternation of some participants who were informed such a reason.

Our bank has clarified that such blocking is only for online transactions and IVR (interactive voice response) transactions. It will not affect card swipe transactions. So, some participants who were informed that their cards were blocked because of their card's BIN, may use their cards normally while in India. Also, we are arranging for participants to pay fee by credit card at the registration desk.


Mains AC power in India is 220V/50Hz. There are two kinds of power sockets commonly available
  • The most common is the three pin grounded plug D-Type as described here
  • The "C Type" aka "Europlug" as described here is also supported almost everywhere but the voltage will be 220V/50Hz
  • At the symposium venue we will arrange for the Type A North American/Japanese 2-blade Electrical Adapter Plug and also the Europlug