Liquid Helium Users

Low Temperature Facility distributes liquid helium to the various departments & facilities of TIFR.
  1. Department of Biological Sciences
  2. Department of Chemical Sciences
  3. Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  4. Department of Condensed Matter Physics and Materials includes
    1.    1.    SQUID's, VSM, PPMS, MPMS
    2.    2.    Micro-kelvin refrigerator
    3.    3.    Adiabatic De- magenitization milli kelvin refrigerator
    4.    4.    Dilution milli kelvin refrigerator
    5.    5.    various other cryo magnetic systems
  5. Department of High Energy Physics
  6. Department of Nuclear and Atomic Physics
  7. National facility for high-field NMR
  8. The Pelletron Accelerator facility.