Reaching TIFR

TIFR is at the southern end of Mumbai. It is about 25 km from the domestic airport and 30 km from the international airport. One of the main railway stations, CST (Victoria Terminus, VT) is about 5 km away.

Prepaid taxis are available from the international airport costing around Rs. 400 for non-AC and Rs. 500 for AC taxis. From the domestic terminals also security manned taxis are available. Air-conditioned cars will cost around Rs. 400 and normal cabs around Rs. 300 for which the night charges will 1.5 times the meter fare. The pre-paid tickets could be brought before or after exiting the terminal. From inside the terminal one can also call cabs belonging to Meru, Mega etc. companies using the assigned telephones.

On the way from the airport to TIFR, one can take the sea-link between Bandra and Worli to avoid some traffic. Ask the driver to do so, for this you will have to pay a toll of Rs. 50 which is not covered in the pre-paid fare.

All taxis should run on meter, hence, insist on that. They should have a conversion chart which will tell you the amount corresponding to the number in the meter.

Taxi fare should be Rs. 50 from CST to TIFR, again take cabs manned by security people. There are also buses, number 3, 11, 126 etc.,from CST to the Navy Nagar bus terminus from which TIFR is just about 100 m away.

For directions to TIFR, ask for Navy Nagar, Colaba, and TIFR is at the of the road after the bus stop terminus in Navy Nagar.