TIFR is a premier science research institution in India.Our group is involved in research in SOLID-STATE NMR. Our research comprises of theory, numerical simulations, and experiments.

We focus on methods development and biomolecular applications. In methods, we design pulse schemes to improve sensitivity and resolution of solid-state NMR spectra of spin-1/2 and half-integer spin quadrupolar systems and applications in biomolecular systems. We have been working on schemes for distance measurement between 1H spins and 13C spins. The pulse methods essentially manipulate the spins and lead to a better control of the internal spin interactions.

On the applications side, we have been studying Aβ42 and Aβ40 fibril systems. The goal here is to elucidate the aggregation and fibrilisation pathways, structural reasons for toxicity, and modulating the peptides for therapeutic purposes. We are currently actively looking at the structural details of low-weight oligomers of these fibril peptides.

We have access to Bruker AV500 MHz and Bruker AVIII 700 MHz spectrometers in the National Facility for High-Field NMR, TIFR, Mumbai .

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