Some of the suggested websites for public outreach
     CERN Outreach
     CMS Public Website
     ATLAS Experiment
     International Particle Physics Outreach Group
     The Particle Adventure
     Science and Technology Facilities Council, UK
     Experience the Excitement
     International Masterclasses: hands on particle physics
     Durham University Outreach
     Taking a closer look

        My favourite journals

        CERN Courier
        Symmetry Magazine

        Grid computing related

     Grid Cafe

    About Grid Computing in simple text for TIFR Open Day

     Presentation for school children

        Some of my favourite items on youtube

     LHC, CERN related
     CERN particle accelerator
     CERN and the LHC
     Made in 2006
     First images after proton beam passes through LHC in September 2008

     Cosmic Onion Lectures, by Frank Close. There are many parts, here are few.
     Lecture 1
     Lecture 2
     Lecture 3
     Lecture 4
     Lecture 5
     Lecture 6

     Particle Accelerator Concept Using Ping Pong Ball

Symmetry Magazine

Movie on LHC: bottle-bang