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At TIFR, research in the area of Biophysics started in 1970 and the emphasis in early years was on the computational aspects-prediction of structures of molecules on the basis of potential energies. Over the years, the experimental aspects have grown with the addition of new facilities to the program. It has become possible to study larger and larger systems making transition from model system to real systems.

Today, ‘NMR and its applications’ is a strong-hold of the Group. This is augmented by the creation of facilities for genetic and protein engineering which have enabled production of desired engineered molecules for detailed investigations on structures, interactions and molecular recognitions.

Following are the broadly classified headings of the current status of NMR based research in area of macromolecular structural biology/biochemistry:

Multidimensional NMR MethodsProtein Folding
Structure and Dynamics of BiomoleculesSolid-State NMR
Protein-DNA InteractionsIn vivo NMR