Welcome to Nanomaterials Lab

At TIFR, research on the synthesis, characterization and properties of nanomaterials started as far back as 1980. During the last three decades, we have investigated the size dependence of the physical properties in superconductors, ferroelectrics, ferromagnets, semiconductors and metallic alloys.

We have a state-of-the-art electron microscopy lab (including an aberration-corrected TEM, Field emission SEM, Environmental SEM, etc.), X-Ray Diffraction, Raman spectroscopy at low temperatures and high pressures, transport measurement and thermal analysis.

Our Current Research Includes :

  • Size-induced stabilization of novel crystal structures
  • One-Dimensional Nanomaterials viz. rods and tubes
  • Nano-Nano Composite structures
  • Novel applications of Nanomaterials
  • Raman spectroscopy of Nanostructured Materials
  • High Resolution Electron Microscopy

Professor Pushan Ayyub
Principle Investigator.