Nihita Goel
Nihita Goel, Ph.D.
Scientific Officer(F) and Head, Information Systems Development Group
Tata Instititute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India


WF_SLA_Mon system that has been developed is provided below:

  • Download the war file from here.
  • Copy this to your webapps directory. We have used Apache Tomcat..
  • Create a file named path.txt file with the path of your webapp and copy this to your root (Tomcat) directory.
  • Start your server and check the http:///WFSLA page. Please use the Property Specification->Using SL to specify a SL formula and transform this to an automata.
  • SLAs can be specified using the specified formula. Monitors can also be specified using MSC. The overall monitoring will work if the process executes in the background (We tested it using Orc)