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Our effort is directed at studying the transport of optical waves through media which have a variation in the refractive index over length scales comparable to the wavelength. These experiments mostly deal with radiation at or near visible wavelengths. The structure can be ordered, or disordered, or even a combination of both. While some parallels can be drawn with the propagation of electrons in crystals, there also exist significant differences. For example, light can experience amplification which leads to fascinating phenomena hitherto unpredicted by theoretical studies. The existence of sophisticated laser sources, light detectors, and nanofabrication techniques makes it possible to experimentally study even the most elusive of phenomena. We aim to study light propagation through such nanostructured media in a passive, active, dielectric or a metallic environment. In this website, we broadly summarize the focus areas of this laboratory. To know more details of our studies, email us!
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Random Lasing

Random Lasing

Photonic crystals

Photonic crystals


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Prof. Sushil Mujumdar

Principal Investigator

N. Sreeman Kumar

Scientific Assistant

Dr. CHSS Pavan Kumar

Postdoctoral fellow

Sandip Mondal

PhD Student

Krishna Chandra Joshi

Int. PhD Student

Rabisankar Samanta

Int. PhD Student

Himadri Tanaya Sahoo

Senior Research Fellow

Vikas Bhat

Int. PhD Student

Rounak Chatterjee

Int. PhD Student


Project Student



Pico-Second pulsed Laser

Pico-Second pulsed Laser

Nano-Second Pulsed Laser

Optical Parametric Oscillator

Streak Camera

InGaAs detectors
InGaAs detectors
Tunable Diode Lasers
Super Continuum Laser




SCAO 2021
Student Conference on Advances in Optics.
(Feb 4-5, 2021)

Organised by TIFR Mumbai OSA Student Chapter. [Link]
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Prof. Hema Ramachandran
(12/01/1962 - 24/11/2020) PDF
Prof. Sushil Mujumdar received P. K. Iyengar Memorial Award for Excellence in Experimental Physics 2020.

Award given by Indian Physics Association (IPA)
Best Paper Award & Best Poster Award

Krishna received Best Paper Award & Best Poster Award for ICOL-2019, organized by IRDE, Dehradun.
Editor's Suggestion

Congratulations to Mr. Sandip for his recent paper selected for Editor's Suggestion in Phys. Rev. B (R).
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Best Poster Award

Prashant & Sreeman received 2nd best postert award for ISPP 2019, organized by Central University of Rajastan, India.
Best Oral Presentation Award

Krishna received best oral presentation award for ISPP 2019, organized by Central University of Rajastan, India.
Best Poster Award

Himadri received best poster award at IONS Manipal 2019, Manipal University, India.
Best Poster Award

Rabi received best poster award at IONS Manipal 2019, Manipal University, India.
VSRP 2019

Prashant received best project award for VSRP 2019, organized by TIFR Mumbai, India.
International Workshop on Complex Photonics.
(Jan 24-26, 2017)

Organised by us
Post Doc Position

One PDF position is available in our lab.