NuFact10 Workshop

NuFact10 is the twelfth edition of a series of workshops started in 1999, whose main goal is to understand the different options for a future neutrino oscillation experiment that will be able to attack the problems of mass hierarchy and CP violation in the leptonic sector.

20 Dec 2010:
The deadline for submission of manuscripts is extended to 05 Jan 2011, as a final step

Some people have difficulty in uploading the manuscript, especially those who presented Posters. In view of this we extend the deadline by another 10 days. The present deadline is 20 December 2010 5 Jan 2011.

If any participant has difficulty in uploading the documents we suggest that they can send the same by email to nufact10@ino.tifr.res.in. Please remember to upload or attach the copyright related documents that are described in the Proceedings page.

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Prof Alain Blondel's end note slides

NuFact10 Poster (25MB)