Useful Information

  • Tele-conference fcility is available in all Working Group workshop rooms. Download the Phone numbers and instructions from here
    • Final lists of airport pickup :
      list sorted by name
      list sorted by arrival time
      Please check the above tables. All the modifications/additions received by us till yesterday are in it. Those of you are on the list, you may note these two persons/phones. They are the supervisors of the taxi company (Aniket Travels)
      • Name: Arvind Ph: (91)9821215841
      • Name: Pravin Ph: (91)9819998480
    • Mumbai Airport information, Map of Hotel area, and other useful information:
      Please click here to download
    • Poster Presentations, Poster dimensions not to exceed that of standard A0 dimensions.
    • Mains AC power in India is 220V/50Hz. There are two kinds of power sockets
      • The most common is the three pin grounded plug D-Type as described here
      • The "C Type" aka "Europlug" as described here is also supported almost everywhere but the voltage will be 220V/50Hz
      • At the Workshop venue we will arrange for the Type A North American/Japanese 2-blade Electrical Adapter Plug and also the Europlug