Glitches in the Matrix or Your Brain Playing Tricks
Outreach Team, TIFR
May 21, 2023

Beating Chinese Whispers and other communication problems
Ashutosh, Eeshan, Pranshu and Varun, TIFR
May 07, 2023

FOTON at Work!
S S Prabhu and team, TIFR
Apr. 30, 2023

How does Cyanide kill?
Shyamalava Mazumdar, TIFR
Apr. 16, 2023

Left vs. right: how do embryos place different organs on the two sides of the body?
Sundar Naganathan, TIFR
Apr. 02, 2023

Expedition to look for new particles at the LHC
Nishita Desai, TIFR
Mar. 19, 2023

Colouring maps and keeping secrets
Ramprasad Saptharishi, TIFR
Mar. 05, 2023

ये तारा वो तारा हर तारा
Sai Shetye, Pritesh Ranadive and Aniket Sule, HBCSE, TIFR
Feb. 19, 2023

The tiny, mighty transistor @75!
B. Satyanarayana, TIFR
Feb. 05, 2023

Inside a Quantum Computer
R. Vijayaraghavan and QuMaC team, TIFR
Jan. 29, 2023

2022 Nobel Prize in Physics:Using photons to shed light on reality
R. Vijayaraghavan, TIFR
Jan. 15, 2023

2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine:Our Cousins, Our DNA
Varun Suresh, TIFR
Jan. 01, 2023

2022 Nobel Prize in chemistry:Buckle up for a click ride
Kunika Gupta, TIFR
Dec. 18, 2022

Evolution of Modern Science in India
Sreerup Raychaudhuri, TIFR
Dec. 04, 2022

CheMysteries and ChemHistories: AMMONIA
Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR
Nov. 20, 2022

Traversing the Protein Universe with AI
R. Venkatramani, TIFR
Nov. 06, 2022

Breaking the DNA code
R S Shravani, TIFR
Oct. 30, 2022

2023 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics: Appreciating the works of Bennett, Brassard, Deutsch and Shor
Pranab Sen, TIFR
Oct. 16, 2022

Chemotherapy against cancer: A double-edged sword
Malay Patra, TIFR
Oct. 02, 2022

Engineering of particle physics mega-experiments
B. Satyanarayana, TIFR
Sept. 18, 2022

The mighty Mitochondria's myriad roles
Sneha Hegde, TIFR
Sept. 04, 2022

"Growing" semiconductor materials: atomic layer by atomic layer
N. Maneesha, A. Rahman and Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR
Aug. 28, 2022

Quantum Pendulums: The physics of really cold electronic circuits
Jay Deshmukh, TIFR
Aug. 21, 2022

Merging Black Holes: Astrophysics Recipes to 'cook' them
Sourav Chatterjee, TIFR
Aug. 07, 2022

All charged up!
Biswajit Das, TIFR
Jul. 31, 2022

Fun with magnets and electricity
TIFR Outreach Team, TIFR
Jul. 17, 2022

Hardening and softening the fatty walls of your cells
Sudipta Maiti, TIFR
Jul. 03, 2022

Friction at work (and play!)
TIFR outreach team , TIFR
Jun. 19, 2022

Engeneering the future using biology
Biology outreach team , TIFR
Jun. 05, 2022

Fun with Networks!
Pranshu Gaba, Hari Krishnan PA and Ashutosh Shankar , TIFR
May 29, 2022

Magic Squares and Numerical Games!
Ravi Sinha HBCSE, TIFR
May 15, 2022

Think, Draw, Create and Design
Design and Technology Education Group HBCSE, TIFR
May 1, 2022

Plateaus, valleys and doughnuts: the dance of electrons in 2D
Subhajit Sinha, TIFR
Apr. 17, 2022

'Trip or treat?' down the psychedelic lane
Praachi Tiwari, TIFR
Apr. 03, 2022

Colours from the Chemistry Lab
Kunika Gupta, TIFR
Mar 20, 2022

The ultimate speed limit
Saranyo Moitra, TIFR
Mar. 06, 2022

My journey as a scientist
Deepa Khushalani, TIFR
Feb. 20, 2022

JWST: Unfolding the mysteries of the Universe
Mayank Narang , TIFR
Feb. 06, 2022

चीनी कम : All about the world of sugars and sweeteners
Sarita Kamat, HBCSE, TIFR
Jan. 30, 2022

Terahertz Spectroscopy: New window to explore the world
Shriganesh Prabhu, TIFR
Jan. 16, 2022

The importance of curiosity-driven basic research
Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR
Jan. 02, 2022

Nobel Prize(s) in Physics (part) and Chemistry - 2021
Divya Ranganathan, ICTS, TIFR and Sujit Das, TIFR
Dec. 26, 2021

Looking through the glass or through the looking glass?
Saranyo Moitra, TIFR
Dec. 19, 2021

Feel the Heat: Making sense of the Nobel Prize
Simran Virdi, NCBS, TIFR
Dec. 05, 2021

What's that bird outside?
Adithi Muralidhar HBCSE, TIFR
Nov. 21, 2021

Diye jalte hain?
Outreach Team, TIFR
Nov. 07, 2021

Simple 'hands-on' fun experiments
Outreach Team, TIFR
Oct. 31, 2021

Controlling chemical reactions using low energy electrons
Vaibhav Prabhudesai, TIFR

Oct. 17, 2021

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Mamata Joshi, in conversation with Kunika Gupta, TIFR

Oct. 03, 2021

Let's move to the sunny side
Pabitra Nayak, TIFR Hyderabad

Sept. 19, 2021

Science vs common sense
Arvind Kumar, formerly at HBCSE, TIFR

Sept. 05, 2021

How to make a home lab?
CUBE + HBCSE + Kishore Bharti
Aug 29, 2021

Indian Independence, Science and the World: A view from the Archives
Indira Chowdhury, Centre for Public History, Bengaluru.
Aug 15, 2021

Learning about tigers from their poop
Uma Ramakrishnan, NCBS,TIFR
Aug 01, 2021

The theory behind everyday games
Umang Bhaskar,TIFR
Jul 18, 2021

Sumit Sen, Lamiya Dohadwala and Kamaldeep Singh,TIFR
Jul 04, 2021

Shapes and geometry of surfaces
Mahan Mj,TIFR
Jun 20, 2021

Fun Chemysteries of Milk!
Outreach Team,TIFR
Jun 06, 2021

More fun with light!
Outreach Team,TIFR
May 30, 2021

Fun with light
Outreach Team,TIFR
May 16, 2021

Magnetism of elementary particles and quantum dance in the vacuum
Amol Dighe,TIFR
May 02, 2021

Fun with magnets
Outreach Team,TIFR
Apr. 18, 2021

Covid-19 through the mathematical crystal ball Download Slides
Sandeep Juneja,TIFR
Apr. 04, 2021

Colourful Chemistry (Holi Special)
Smitaroopa Kahali and Kunika Gupta,TIFR
Mar. 21, 2021

The saga of unsung heroes
Vandana Nanal,TIFR
Mar. 07, 2021

Up close with science: Probing semiconductors with light
Dibya Sankar Das and Vishwas Jindal,TIFR
Feb 21, 2021

Vaccines against Covid-19
Sandhya Koushika,TIFR
Feb 07, 2021

Up Close with Science: The microscopic world of C. elegans
Sneha Hegde,TIFR
Jan 31, 2021

Up Close with Science: Through an Electron Microscope
Bhagyashree Chalke, Rudheer Bapat,TIFR
Jan 17, 2021

You measure, therefore you conclude
B. Satyanarayana,TIFR
Jan 3, 2021

Commutators! A ridiculous (and fun!) way to hang pictures and solve Rubik's cubes
Ramprasad Saptharishi, TIFR
Dec 20, 2020

Smart Sensors Capture Life in Action
Ankona Datta, TIFR
Dec 06, 2020

The hunt for a supermassive black hole in our galaxy
Lankeswar Dey, TIFR
Nov 29, 2020

CRISPR-Cas9 - gene scissors that give us a new edge!
Mahima Bose and Tuli Pramanik, TIFR
Nov 22, 2020

The Road to Singularity
Saranyo Moitra, TIFR
Nov 15, 2020

The battle against the Hepatitis C Virus
Diksha Kumari, TIFR
Nov 8, 2020

Why aren't we living on the moon already?
Jatan Mehta
Nov 1, 2020

Need for Speed: 50 years of lightwave communications
Arnab Bhattacharya, TIFR
Oct 18, 2020

Phosphine on Venus: How and what did we learn now?
Bhaswati Mookerjea, TIFR
Oct 04, 2020

The Significance of Design
Anisha Malhotra, HBCSE, TIFR
Sept 20, 2020

Just Feel the Pressure
Outreach Team, TIFR
Sept 6, 2020

Counting Areas
Aloka Kanhere HBCSE, TIFR
Aug 30, 2020

Asking Questions About Mathematical Models
Suvrat Raju ICTS, TIFR
Aug 30, 2020

Just a Few Balloons
Outreach Team , TIFR
Aug 2, 2020

Just a Few Candles
Outreach Team ,TIFR
July 19, 2020

The Science of Face Masks
Arnab Bhattacharya and Shankar Ghosh ,TIFR
July 5, 2020

Just a Bit of String
Outreach Team,TIFR
June 21, 2020

Just a Box of Matches
Outreach Team,TIFR
June 7, 2020

Just a Glass of Water
Outreach Team,TIFR
May 31, 2020

Just a Sheet of Paper
Outreach Team,TIFR
May 17, 2020

Fit to admit: A Cell's Entry Mechanism
Sravanthi Nadiminti,TIFR
May 3, 2020

Exponential Growth: From Rice Grains to Computer Performance and Infectious Diseases
Arnab Bhattacharya, Amol Dighe, Basudeb Dasgupta, Rajdeep Sensarma,TIFR
Apr 19, 2020

A Cold or Covid19? The Science Behind the Test
Vidur Sabharwal,TIFR
Apr 5, 2020

All About the Coronavirus
Sandhya Koushika, Mahendra Sonawane,TIFR
Mar 29, 2020

A Mauve in the Right Direction: Understanding Biology Through Colours
Sravanthi Nadiminti,TIFR
Mar 15, 2020

Calories vs. Time The Science of Feeding-Fasting
Babukrishna Maniyadath, Tandrika Chattopadhyay, Ullas Kolthur,TIFR
Mar 1, 2020

Going Viral
Anusha Singh,TIFR
Feb. 16, 2020

Cosmic Rays: Messengers Across The Universe
Sunil Gupta,TIFR
Feb. 2, 2020

Is it the Year 2020?
Sagar Shrivastava,TIFR
Jan. 19, 2020

Outside-In: How We Perceive the World!
Shubha Tole,TIFR
Jan 06, 2020

Polymers: Threads that bind : Bend them to your will!
Harsh Jain, Nida Azam, Akash Ghosh
Dec 29, 2019

The 2019 Nobel Prizes
Namrata Shukla, Rajasree Kundu, Mayank Narang
Dec 15, 2019

The Active Sun
H. M. Antia
Dec 1, 2019

Who cares about Polynomials?
Anamay Tengse
Nov. 17, 2019

Satyendra Nath Bose: The forgotten hero
Sreerup Raychaudhuri
Nov. 3, 2019

The Periodic Table of Fireworks
Smitaroopa Kahali, Surendra Kulkarni
Oct. 20, 2019

The Science, Technology and Art of Gramophone Records
Suresh Chandvankar
Oct. 6, 2019

Make it crystal clear!
Ruta Kulkarni
Sept. 29, 2019

Everyday Design and Design Everyday! o:p>
Anisha Malhotra Dalvi
Sept. 15, 2019

Periodic Tables of the Universe
Arnab Bhattacharya
Sept. 14, 2019

Over the Moon
Mayank Vahia
Sept. 1, 2019

Is it scientific?
Aniket Sule
Aug. 18, 2019

Physics and the city of Mumbai
Vijay Singh
Aug. 4, 2019

Science from a Mumbai Local
Mahesh Gokhale
July 21, 2019

When a happy hormone goes moonlighting
Vidita Vaidya
July 7, 2019

Magic, Poetry and Satellite Navigation
Sagar Shrivastava
June 30, 2019

The first image of a black hole
Mayank Narang
June 16, 2019

Invisible neutrinos that make the hidden world visible
Amol Dighe
June 15, 2019

Fantastic Puzzles (and how to solve them)
The Info-staan inhabitants
June 2, 2019

Navigating the cell
Nadiminti Sravanthi
May 19, 2019

Science in the Kitchen
TIFR Outreach Team
May 5, 2019

Electronic Voting Machines
Dinesh Sharma
April 21, 2019

How empty is empty, how full is full?
Ranjan Das
April 7, 2019

Paleolithic Picassos
Atreyee Sinha
Mar 31, 2019

Painting cells with fluorescent proteins
Toshali Banerjee
Mar 17, 2019

The Tau of Ramanujan
Eknath Ghate
Mar 3, 2019

The Periodic Tables of Chemistry
Arnab Bhattacharya
Feb 17, 2019

The race to repair injured neurons
Sandhya Koushika
Feb 3, 2019

Can Computers do Everything?
Prerona Chatterjee
Jan 20, 2019

Debjyoti Bardhan
Jan 6, 2019

Muscles and Bones: Pop-Eye Biology
Harshita Kaul
Dec 30, 2018

The Nobel Prizes 2018
Mukesh Kumar, Amit Lad, Komal Raina, Priya Dutta
Dec 16, 2018

Light and Chemistry
Sunandita Paul, Amitava Chandra
Nov 4, 2018

Clocks in our brain: The neuroscience of time
Sthitapranjya Pati
Oct 21, 2018

The Nature of Truth
Nitin Nitsure
Oct 7, 2018

Poisons, Venoms and Toxins
Asmita Sarkar
Sept 30, 2018

Destination Moon - building of a moonshot
Team Indus
Sept 16, 2018

Negating the genuine
Mayank Vahia
Sept 2, 2018

AGNs: Supermassive blackholes, cosmic fireworks
Lankeswar Dey
August 19, 2018

"Can we conquer malaria?"
Shobhona Sharma
August 5, 2018

7 Small Briges, 1 Giant Graph Problem
Harita Rawal
July 29, 2018

Tandoori, Grilled or Barbecued?
Yukti Arora
July 15, 2018

Nature teaches us Nanotechnology
Pushan Ayyub
July 1, 2018

Superbreakfast for Superheroes
Arnab Bhattacharya
June 17, 2018

Talking, Dancing and Playing Mathematics
Aloka Kanhere
June 3, 2018

Radioactive me!
Harisree Krishnamoorthy
May 20, 2018

Be a colour detective! The wonderful world of chromatography
Rajasree Kundu
May 6, 2018

The Scissors and Tongs of DNA
Jagjeet Singh and Asmita Sarkar
Apr 29, 2018

Hawking's Black Hole Information Paradox
Shiraz Minwalla
Apr 15, 2018

Through the Electron Microscope
Bhagyashree Chalke
Apr 1, 2018

Why bother about basic research?
Arnab Bhattacharya
Mar 18, 2018

The Multicolour Universe
Yogesh Wadadekar
Mar 4, 2018

Evolution: Why do we get it wrong?
Mc Arunan and G. Nagarjuna
Feb 18, 2018

Reinventing the microscope - The quest for infinite resolution
Sudipta Maiti
Feb 4, 2018

Waves Everywhere! From ripples on the sea to ripples in space-time
SS Prabhu
Jan 21, 2018

Fold and behold - The art (maths) of origami
Sagar Shrivastava
Jan 7, 2018

Twisting the Untwisted
Harita Rawal and Charudutta Navare
Dec 31, 2017

The 2017 Nobel Prizes
Vidur Sabharwal, Charu Seth and Debjyoti Bardhan
Dec 17, 2017

Fantastic Plastic! Organic LEDs and solar cells
Amitabh Banerji and Arnab Bhattacharya
Dec 3, 2017

Follow your Gut!
Harshita Kaul
Nov 19, 2017

The Science of Aging - Is there an elixir of life?
Ulhas Kolthur
Nov 5, 2017

Colourful Chemistry!
Arnab Bhattacharya and Shubhi Agrawal
Oct 29, 2017

All about Rockets!
Karun Hambir and Surendra Kulkarni
Oct 15, 2017

Goodbye Mr. Kilogram!
Amol Dighe
Oct 1, 2017

Lights, Chemistry, Action!
Soumyajit Mitra
Sept 17, 2017

Living with a Star
Shrawan Hanasoge
Sept 3, 2017

Tick-Tock.... Watch your Clock!
Sweta Parik and Shaunak Deota
Aug. 20, 2017

From Nano to Atto : The amazing world of elementary particles
Sreerup Raychaudhuri
Aug 6, 2017

Unity is strength! Tales from the polymer world...
Nita Ghosh and Kaustav Khatua
July 30, 2017

The art of approximation
Arnab Bhattacharya
July 16, 2017

Astrophotography: Capturing the beauty of the night sky
Vinita Navalkar
July 2, 2017

Mission Alzheimer's: From the war room
Anusheela Chatterjee
June 18, 2017

Primes, Probability, and Pi
Arvind Nair
June 4, 2017

A brief history of the brain
Zeba Khatri
May 21, 2017

Herbal, Natural, Organic, Chemical free?
Ranjan Das
May 7, 2017

Build your own galaxy!
Mayank Narang and team
Apr 30, 2017

From farm to plate: A thought for food
Deborah Dutta
Apr 16, 2017

How do (exo)planetary systems form?
Manoj Purvankara
Apr 2, 2017

A whole new world of 2D electronics
Mandar Deshmukh
Mar 19, 2017

Lights, Colour, Action!
Arnab Bhattacharya
Mar 5, 2017

Can nanotechnology help combat climate change?
Vivek Polshettiwar
Feb 19, 2017

Superconductors: irresistible electrons
Rajdeep Sensarma
Feb 5, 2017

Area, perimeter and some fun connections!
Shweta S. Naik and team
Jan 29, 2017

Why and how do we forget?
Megha Maheshwari
Jan 15, 2017

The Big Bang
Subhabrata Majumdar
Jan 1, 2017

The Nobel Prizes 2016
Suranjana Pal, Mona Gupta, Sounak Biswas
Dec. 18, 2016

Unraveling the quantum computer
R. Vijayaraghavan
Dec 4, 2016

Knowing God’s Thoughts, the Ultimate Goal of Science
Don Lincoln
Nov. 20, 2016

What’s wrong with cellphone batteries?
Yukti Arora
Nov. 6, 2019

The Science of Fireworks
Outreach Team
Oct 30, 2016

The Power of 2
Kshitij Gajjar, Suhail Sherif
Oct 16, 2016

Finding certainty in an uncertain world: A tale of tails
Sandeep Juneja
Oct 2, 2016

Kitne aadmi hai? Bahut saare
Ronak M Soni
Sept 20, 2016

Inside a baby's mind
Shreya Ghosh
Sept 4, 2016

Materials Science at the Olympics
Arnab Bhattacharya
Aug 21, 2016

A Violent Universe : Hints from the crime scene
Poonam Chandra
Aug. 7, 2016

Legend of the Hidden Laboratory
Anusheela Chatterjee, Vidur Sabharwal
July 31, 2016

Spooky action at work: The bizarre world of quantum physics
Tanay Roy
July 19, 2016

Black Holes
Shiraz Minwala
July 5, 2016

Shedding light on fuel for the future
Deepa Khushalani
June 19, 2016

The Science of Baking: All you knead to know about your daily bread
Madhavi Chand
June 5, 2016

Science in the playground
Arnab Bhattacharya
May 29, 2016

The Secrets of Fingerprints: Seeing the invisible
Minal Jaggar
May 15, 2016

Graphs and Platonic Solids
Mahan Mj
May 1, 2016

Soap Films and Bubbles
Arnab Bhattacharya
Apr. 17, 2016

Butterflies: A celebration of colours and life
Krushnamegh Kunte
Apr. 3, 2016

An insight into colour blindness
Anusheela Chatterjee
Mar. 20, 2016

Globular Clusters: Cradles of Life and Advanced Civilizations?
Alak Ray
Mar. 6, 2016

A new wave that shook the world
C.S. Unnikrishnan
Feb. 28, 2016

Listening to Black Hole collisions with LIGO
A. Gopakumar
Feb. 28, 2016

Let's play with water!
Parul Sood
Feb. 14, 2016

Sankranti and other calendar quirks
Aniket Sule
Feb. 7, 2016

Mysteries of the mind
Charlotte Sleigh & Nicholas Thurston
Jan. 31, 2016

Science in the kitchen
Arnab Bhattacharya
Jan. 31, 2016

The Science of Photography
Nairit Sur
Jan. 17, 2016

50 Years of Moore’s Law: Looking back, Looking forward
Arnab Bhattacharya
Jan. 3, 2016

Geometries Galore
Anish Ghosh
Dec. 20, 2015

Running through traffic jams in the brain
Sandhya Koushika
Dec. 6, 2015

Neutrinos: Chameleons of the particle world
Naba Mondal
Nov. 29, 2015

The amazing world of polarized light
Randhir Kumar
Nov. 15, 2015

Back to the Future
Ronak Soni
Nov. 1, 2015

How fast is the fastest
Amol Dighe / Arnab Bhattacharya
Oct. 18, 2015

Probing the Invisible Universe with ASTROSAT – Indian Multiwavelength Observatory
PC Agrawal
Oct. 4, 2015

The Art of Counting
Amitava Bhattacharya
Sept. 20, 2015

Supercomputers in Physics
Saumen Datta
Sept. 6, 2015

The Enigma of Pluto
Mayank Vahia
Aug 16, 2015

The Joys of Creative Laziness
Vijay Singh
Aug 2, 2015

Rainbows, Halos and Glories!
Tajinder Singh
June 19, 2015

Scientists and their social role in India
Suvrat Raju
July 5 , 2015

The eight wanderers of the Solar System
Joe Ninan
June 21, 2015

40 Riddicubous Years!: The Story of Erno Rubik's Magic Cube
Shubhayan Kabir, Nikhil Mande
June 7 , 2015

LOL, ROFL, PJ & the Brain : the science of humour
Kushal Banerjee
May 17, 2015

I Scream, You Scream, What's the Science of Ice Cream?
Arnab Bhattacharya
May 3 , 2015

Party with the Planets
Debjyoti Bardhan
Apr 19, 2015

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Basudeb Dasgupta
Apr 5, 2015

Light as a stopwatch
Ajay Jha
Mar 15, 2015

How and Why of Learning Science
Jayashree Ramadas
Mar 1 , 2015

The trajectory of mathematics in India over time
S.G. Dani
Feb 15, 2015

The world of ultra-low temperature Pushing closer and closer to absolute zero
S. Ramakrishnan
Feb 1, 2015

Gangs of ‘Dimaag’pur
Anand Kant Das
Jan 18, 2015

Taare Zameen Par The world of intense light
G. Ravindra Kumar
Jan 4, 2015

Waves, music & listening to the stars
Jishnu Bhattacharya
Dec 16, 2014

Dr. Logic and Mr. Fantasy
Manoj Gopalkrishnan
Dec 2, 2014

Seeking N-lightenment - The bright world of nitride semiconductors
Arnab Bhattacharya
Nov 16, 2014

Fantasy and Science Fiction: kitna fantasy, kitna science, kitna fiction?
Amol Dighe, Manoj Gopalkrishnan, Bal Phondke
Nov 2, 2014

Diwali Special: Laser light!
Sushil Mujumdar
Nov 19 , 2014

Mars: missions and expectations
Mayank Vahia
Nov 5, 2014

Taare ke Taare gamma ko lekar..
Atreyee Sinha
Sept 21, 2014

Man, mosquito and malarial parasite - Who's ahead?
Shobhona Sharma
Sept 7, 2014

The Colour of Gemstones - Beauty in imperfection
Charu Seth, Sayani Das
Aug 20, 2014

Quasicrystals - From Impossibility to Nobel Prize
A. Thamizhavel
Aug 3, 2014

How Many ???
Rafikh Shaikh, Jeenath Rahaman
July 20, 2014

As Clear as Crystal
Arnab Bhattacharya
July 6, 2014

Khatron ke Khiladi
Alok Dubey
June 15, 2014

Sand dunes and Sand Castles - Science on the Beach
Shankar Ghosh
June 1, 2014

Kitne Door, Kitne Pass
Debanjan Mukherjee
May 18 , 2014

Candle Candle Burning Bright . . .
Arnab Bhattacharya
May 4 , 2014

Big Bang flexes its BICEPs"
Subhabrata Majumdar
Apr 20 , 2014

The Invisible Sun
Divya Oberoi
Apr 6 , 2014

"Holi hai" Colourful Chemistry
DCS Team
Mar 16, 2014

The Particle Hunter's Guide
Naba Mondal
Mar 2, 2014

The Life of Pi
Amitava Bhattacharya
Feb 16 , 2014

How running and throwing made us human
Madhusudhan Venkadesan
Feb 2, 2014

FLU Pandemics, past, present and future
Gyan Bhanot
Feb 1, 2014

Mangalyaan, Chandrayaan and all that
Mayank Vahia
Jan 19 , 2014

In the world of tiny nuclei
Vandana Nanal
Jan 5, 2014

The Molecular Play Kit
Subha B
Dec 15, 2013

Teasing your brain to think critically
Pritam Bhattacharya
Dec 1, 2013

Metal(e)s - Tales about Metals
Arnab Bhattacharya
Nov 20, 2013

Pair-bonding and attachment: the bio-chemistry of love
Ambalika Sarkar
Nov 17, 2013

Electronic Music Synthesis
R. Vijayraghavan
Nov 6 , 2013

Diwali @ Chai and Why?
Outreach Team
Nov 3, 2013

Hagar the Adorable
Kiran Gothe
Sept 15, 2013

Unexplored Dimensions
Anand Sawant
Sept 1, 2013

The world of low-energy electrons
Vaibhav Prabhudesai
Aug 18, 2013

A Tale of Tails
Arunav Kundu
Aug 4, 2013

Touch? ouch?! how cells feel the pressure  
Surat Saravanan
July 21, 2013

Waves to waves  
Mandar Phatak
July 7, 2013

Are you Radioactive?  
Aditya Agnihotri
June 19, 2013

Swad Jindagi ka  
Kushal Banerjee
June2, 2013

Thanda Matlab Liquid Nitrogen 
Vijay Arolkar & Outreach team
May 19, 2013

Of Crowds and Traffic Jams 
Mustansir Barma
May 5, 2013

When no solution is the fun solution 
Rossi D’Souza and Shikha Takker
Apr 21, 2013

Quantum Computing 
Pranab Sen
Apr 7, 2013

Colourful Stories 
Sukant Saran
Mar 17, 2013

Proteins: Nature’s workforce 
Ravi Venkatramani
Mar 3, 2013

Single Pixel Camera 
Rahul Vaze
Feb 17, 2013

Walking through walls: Electron tunneling 
Pratap Raychaudhuri
Feb 3, 2013

Getting charged up by quantum physics
Jim Eisenstein(Caltech)
Jan. 20, 2013

Model systems in biology
Anagha Kulkarni (Uni of Massachusetts)
Jan. 6, 2013

Snowflakes have no twins Patterns in physical systems
Rahul Dandekar
Dec 23, 2012

Need Fuel? Lets learn from Nature
Rahul Gera
Dec 16, 2012

Un-breaking Human Beings: Now an Inside Job!! (?)
Sreelaja Nair
Dec 2, 2012

Mirages in the Cosmos Tools to probe unseen matter
D. Narasimha
Nov 4, 2012

Plasmonics Taking Light to the Nanoworld
A.V. Gopal
Nov 21, 2012

Following the arrow of time
Gautam Mandal
Nov 7, 2012

Curiosity Could Mars have harboured life?
Vishal Gajjar
Sept 16 , 2012

Keeping Count
Raja Sridharan, K. Subramaniam
Sept 2, 2012

Citius, Altius, Fortius Science at the Olympics - II
Mangesh Mandlik
Aug 19, 2012

Potions from Poisons
K S Krishnan
Aug 5, 2012

Citius, Altius, Fortius Science at the Olympics - I
Debjyoti Bardhan
July 15, 2012

Suck, squeeze, bang, blow - How jet engines work!
Arnab Bhattacharya
July 1, 2012

The art, science and technology of Crystal Growth
A. Thamizhavel
June 17, 2012

When Venus transits the Sun
Vinita Navalkar
June 3, 2012

Sky and Why
Mayank Vahia
May 20, 2012

How wounds heal
Meghana C
May. 6, 2012

The Cosmic Web
Subha Majumdar
Apr. 17, 2012

Life in its true colours - A Holi Special Part 2 Perception of Colour
Bhavana Muralidharan
Apr. 3, 2012

Chhota Bheem
Roop Malik
Mar. 18, 2012

Life in its true colours - A Holi Special Part 1 Evolution of Colour
Soniya Muliyil
Mar. 4, 2012

How far is far? The Cosmic Distance Ladder
Amitava Bhattacharya
Feb. 19, 2012

The Selfish Gene and the Evolution of Cooperation
Gyan Bhanot (Rutgers Univ.)

Pushing the boundaries of brain repair with stem cells
Paola Arlotta (Harvard Univ.)
Jan. 15, 2012

Why this Cola very di?
Arnab Bhattacharya
Jan. 1, 2012

Molecules that modulate your mood
Vidita Vaidya
Dec. 18, 2011

Black Holes: Life and Death of Massive Stars
Pankaj Joshi
Dec. 4, 2011

Astrochemistry: Exploring the outer space laboratory
Bhaswati Mookerjea
Nov. 20, 2011

Did something nu break the speed limit ?
Amol Dighe
Nov. 6, 2011

Happy Diwali! The science of fireworks - 2
Arnab Bhattacharya and Outreach team
Oct. 16, 2011

Happy Diwali! The science of fireworks - 1
Arnab Bhattacharya and Outreach team
Oct. 2, 2011

Add a boon, subtract a curse: Maths in stories
Aaloka Kanhere
Sep.18, 2011

The sunny side to the energy crisis
Jyotishman Dasgupta
Sep. 4, 2011

Particles, Symmetries, and the Universe
Laurenz Widhalm (HEPHY, Vienna)
Aug. 21, 2011

Growing old is bad enough, who ordered senility?
Sudipta Maiti
Aug. 7, 2011

Superconductivity: 100 years
Madhavi Chand
July 30, 2011

Life minus matter = Algorithms
Manoj Gopalakrishnan
July 15, 2011

2G, 3G, 4G... Yeh kya hai ji?!
Onkar Dabeer
July 3, 2011

Head(s) or Tails
Mahendra Sonawane
June 19, 2011

The Sound of Music
Ashish Arora, Sindhumandari
June 5, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Sayan Chakraborti, Naveen, Pankaj
May. 15, 2011

Origami and Mathematics
Vijay Arolkar and Mimansa Vahia
May. 1, 2011

Apr. 17, 2011

Superconductivity: 100 years
Madhavi Chand
Apr. 3, 2011

"Holi Hai!" - The science of colour!
Vinayak Rane, Pranav Shirhatti, Suman Nag, Krishnendu Kundu
Mar. 13, 2011

Ways of Computing
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan
Mar. 6, 2011

Lighting - The materials story
Arnab Bhattacharya
Mar. 5, 2011

We are all Africans: reading human history from genetic mutations
Gyan Bhanot (Rutgers)
Feb. 27, 2011

Imaging the Chemistry of Life
Ankona Datta
Feb. 20, 2011

Scientific Ballooning
R.K. Manchanda
Feb. 6, 2011

Let there be light! - from oil lamps to high-brightness LEDs
Arnab Bhattacharya
Jan. 23, 2011

The God particle and the Invisible Universe: The LHC project
Atul Gurtu
Jan. 2, 2011

Ab TERA kya hoga - Seeing the world in a new light!
Sriganesh Prabhu
Dec. 19, 2010

Creative Interactions: A survey of science-based art
Sukant Saran
Dec. 5, 2010

"Khushboo ya Badboo?  Its all in the brain"
Dhananjay Huilgol and Priyamvada Chugh
Nov. 21, 2010

"The Superworld" - Unification and Supersymmetry
Sunil Mukhi
Nov. 7, 2010

The coldest thing in the universe
Dipankar Nath
Oct. 17, 2010

Bouncing on one-atom-thick trampolines
Mandar Deshmukh
Oct. 3, 2010

Tissue, heal thyself
Maithreyi Narasimha
Sep. 19, 2010

Explosions in the Cosmos - the life and death of massive stars
Sayan Chakraborti
Sep. 5, 2010

Matter that Matters in Everyday Life
Prerna Sharma
Aug. 22, 2010

The Tau of Ramanujan
Eknath Ghate
Aug. 1, 2010

Mysteries of Numbers
R. Sujatha
Jul. 18, 2010

Fermat's Last Theorem - The Story of a Treasure Hunt
M.S. Raghunathan
Jul. 4, 2010

Science in the Bathroom
Arnab Bhattacharya + outreach team
Jun. 20, 2010

"Hum sab ek hain" - from Darwin to modern biology
Angika Basant
Jun. 6, 2010

Science in the Kitchen
Arnab Bhattacharya + outreach team
May 16, 2010

Science in the Playground
Arnab Bhattacharya
May 2, 2010

The basis of being different: Lessons from brewer's yeast
Himanshu Sinha
Apr. 18, 2010

Space and Time beyond Einstein
Shiraz Minwala
Apr. 4, 2010

Telescopes of the Future
Aniket Sule
Mar. 21, 2010

Magnetic mapping of human bodies
P.K. Madhu
Mar. 7, 2010

Nature's Nano Secrets: new ideas for research
Deepa Khushalani
Feb. 21, 2010

Extra Dimensions
K. Sridhar
Feb. 7, 2010

Neutrinos: invisible particles all around us
Amol Dighe
Jan. 17, 2010

Wiring up the brain
Shubha Tole
Jan. 3, 2010

Extreme Light: The world of high power lasers
M. Krishnamurthy
Dec. 20, 2009

The Malarial Parasite's Bag of Tricks: Why is malaria so tough to control?
Shobhona Sharma
Dec. 6, 2009

Indus Valley Seals: A glimpse into their art & writing
Nisha Yadav
Nov. 22, 2009

Rocket Science and Ketchup Economics in Finance
Sandeep Juneja
Nov. 1, 2009

Motions of life: inside a living cell
Krishanu Ray
Oct. 18, 2009

The Big Bang and the Little Bang
Rajeev Bhalerao
Oct. 4, 2009

Nanotechnology: The next big thing is small
Pushan Ayyub
Sept. 20, 2009

Neutrinos: invisible particles all around us
S. Umasankar
Sept. 6, 2009

Can India afford to go to space?
Mayank Vahia
Aug. 2, 2009

Stem Cells - Repairing the Brain
Vidita Vaidya
Jul. 5, 2009

Nanotechnology: The next big thing is small
Pushan Ayyub
Feb. 1, 2009

The bright world of laser light
Arnab Bhattacharya
Jan. 4, 2009