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CUBE - Collaboratively Understanding Biology Education - is a student-centered, open-ended, interactive, and collaborative platform to engage in asking questions in biology through simple and inexpensive experiments. When the lockdown was imposed last April, students working under the CUBE program lost access to their school and college labs. However, they quickly rose to the challenge and innovated what they today call the Home Labs. In this Chai and Why? session we'll catch up with students across the nation as they narrate stories of building labs at home using the most basic items available. We would also demonstrate how students have been bringing about improvements in their investigations, collaboratively and on a daily basis, by engaging in discussions online through ChatShaala. This program is brought to you by the CUBE undergraduate students in collaboration with Kishore Bharati and HBCSE.

Curious to learn more? Visit https://www.gnowledge.org/projects/cube.html. And join the home lab network across the country! Read more about the daily updates at https://metaStudio.org/c/cube/

Feel free to share this and join the Chai and Why? team on Sunday, Aug. 29 in our online special session. While registration isn't needed to watch this session, do fill in this form