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Welcome to the world where physicists study chemical reactions! How do electrons actually interact with molecules and form ions? The molecular dynamics and control lab performs experiments to understand the interaction of low energy electrons with molecules, especially the formation of negative ions. This has led to some interesting new findings about the dynamics of negative molecular ions. Such studies are important in areas ranging from astrochemistry to understanding radiation damage to biomolecules like DNA or proteins at a molecular level. The information from such studies may one day make it possible to control chemical reactions using electrons or even improve tumour therapy. We'll get up close with science in this session, live from the molecular dynamics lab at TIFR.

About the speaker:Prof. Vaibhav Prabhudesai in the Dept of Nuclear and Atomic Physics at TIFR works on low energy electron collisions with molecules in their ground as well as excited states. He also works on molecular interactions with strong light fields and is interested in combining the two realms to explore the control of chemical reactions.

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