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Even in the midst of a densely-populated and polluted city like Mumbai, there are so many birds that call it home. If you are lucky to be in a space with more greenery, there are surely many types of birds around.

Observing birds is like watching a cinema whose plot-line is never known. The amazing variety, the beautiful colours and fascinating behaviours of these tiny winged wonders of the natural world have me glued to observing birds for life, be it in the forest or the city.

Watching and documenting birds can help hone many skills such as; observation, paying attention to detail, writing an accurate scientific description, maintaining logs, organising information, etc. But most importantly, it is so much fun! But how does one go about figuring out what kind of bird are you observing? What are the features to look out for? A good starting point is here.

Join us as we discuss how to start on this exciting journey and explore the world of birds!

About the Speaker: Adithi is a Scientific Officer with the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai. She is an avid nature enthusiast who is easily distracted by birds! She blogs on www.earthlynotes.com

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