BARC-TIFR Pelletron  LINAC Facility
located at TIFR, Mumbai

Recent developments at Pelletron

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Various developments to improve the performance of the Pelletron accelerator have been implemented over the last decade.

mso-ansi-language:EN-US">Installation of resistor chains

For a steady operation of the electrostatic accelerator, the uniform division of the high voltage is essential and was achieved in the original design using sharp corona needles. These corona needles required a frequent replacement because of the degradation in performance due to aging. This problem was overcome by replacing the needles with large value resistors (1 Giga ohm), which has resulted in a remarkable improvement in the voltage stability. Moreover, the machine can be operated at very low terminal voltages, which was not possible earlier.

An electrostatic offset quadrupole (charge selector) at the terminal of the Pelletron has been designed and fabricated to minimize electronic loading from undesired charge states (after stripping in the terminal section).

To facilitate easy beam changes, a multi cathode target wheel for SNICS ion source has been fabricated.

High current proton irradiation setup (6m level)

Installation of new accelerating tube at ion source

Upgraded RF control electronics for bunching system

Re-circulating turbo pumping systemfor Terminal gas stripper

Major civil repairs of Experimental hall, Accelerator tower and Laboratory block

Upgraded electrical distribution & emergency DG

Multi-cathode SNICs source