Basic experiments
These expeimental writups can also be seen in Hindi. Marathi. Gujarati.
Authors of these experiments thank Prof. Deepak Mathur (Academic Chair IJSO-2013) for vetting these experiments and giving his precious inputs. Prof. Deepak Mathur is Retd. Professor DNAP-TIFR and currently J.C.Bose National Fellow, Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 576104.

Role of Basic experiments
updated on 25-Oct-2014

Basic Colorimeter
updated on 27-Nov-2014

Dynamics of Cheetah
updated on 25-Aug-2016

Tomato Puree
updated on 25-Aug-2016

Physical Pendulum
updated on 27-Nov-2014

Simple Pendulum
updated on 29-Aug-2017

Focal length of a convex lens
updated on 3-Sept-2017

Analysis of milk
updated on 13-Sept-2017

Analysis Sodium bicarbonate in Soda Mint.
updated on 2-January-2018

Pressure in air balloon.
updated on 20-June-2018

Light passing through a glass slab.
updated on 31-October-2018

Curdling of milk.
updated on 3-May-2019

Spherical lens.
updated on 19-November-2019

Measuring refractive index using adjacent sides of a rectangle.
updated on 08-February-2020

Projectile motion..
This is an experiment to measure mass of ball using
a projectile motion. A movie showing the launch of the ball
from a launcher. movie.
updated on 11-February-2020; 25-March-2021

Direct measurement of focal length of concave lens.
updated on 20-February-2020

Titration with low volume of solutions.
updated on 03-April-2020

Measruement of density of liquids.
updated on 20-April-2020

Measruement of Moment of Inertia of a triangle.
updated on 04-May-2020
Result of experiment carried out at home during lockdown due to covid19.
The oscillations can be seen in
updated on 04-May-2020

Intensity of colours in a spectrum.
updated on 13-May-2020
updated on 26-August-2020

Calculate atomic weight of a metal sample.
updated on 21-May-2020

Estimation of ascorbic acid content of lemon.
updated on 05-June-2020

Investigating Transpiration.
updated on 14-July-2020

Determination of acid phosphate activity from potato extract.
updated on 21-July-2020

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