Survey on measurement of half-life, spin and parity .

What percentage of half life values are measured in a given nucleus?
Similarly what percentage of spin and parity values are measured?

If a level scheme has N energy levels observed, and if only M levels have their half-life values measured,
then the value Ph is devined as Ph = M x 100/N

Example. If a nuclei has 137 energy levels and if 17 out of those have their Half life values measured, P=17 x 10/137 = 12.4
Similarly Ps and Pp are calculated for spin and parity.

A survey was carried out on almost full nuclear chart and the values of Ph, Ps and Pp are calculated.

Results of the survey can be seen in this presentation .

survey (Data updated on 07-November-2021).

Data from ADOPTED data sets and XUNDL data sets are displayed separately.

ADOPTED data updated on 22-Sept-2021
(previous update on 21 March 2021.)

XUNDL data for mass 11-190, updated on 07-November-2021,
(previous update on 21-July-2021)
(previous update on 03-June-2021)
(previous update on 30-May-2021)

The code was developed by Yash Jain (Gold Medalist of International Junior Science Olympiad) and P.K. Joshi to read the
data (ENSDF format) from The data was analyazed by M.Sc project students
1. Rahul Pandey (2018-2019)
2. Pradeep Navik (2019-2020)
3. Kumari Nikita (2020-2021)
4. Yoshita Veera (2020-2021)

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