The 4th Annual Mysore Park workshop in Theoretical Computer Science will be held from August 15-18, 2013 at the Mysore Infosys campus.

The Mysore Park Workshop series is a forum to promote research discussion in Computer Science and Engineering in India, through workshops on contemporary topics modeled after the Dagstuhl Workshop series. These workshops are envisioned to invite leading researchers from various related disciplines to promote cross-fertilization of ideas, and inter-disciplinary research. There is particular emphasis on the overall quality of discussion. To keep quality high, participation is limited to experts from academia and industry. A significant attempt is made to disseminate the discussion inside India by inviting PhD students, young researchers and practitioners from India. For more details, go to the Mysore Park Workshop homepage.

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First Session: Post lunch on Aug 15; Last session: Pre lunch on Aug 18.

Theme of this workshop

The focus of the annual Mysore Park workshop series in Theoretical Computer Science is to cover the recend trends in algorithms and complexity. The themes that will be covered in this year's workshop include Cryptography, Circuit Complexity, Quantum Computing, Algebraic Property Testing, Metric Embeddings, and Algorithms for TSP. We shall cover one/two technique(s) (could be a mathematical technique, an algorithm, an idea, or a perspective) and its applications on each of the 3 days. Typically, this will be done through a tutorial followed by small talks.

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The workshop is on invitation basis only.
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Mysore Park Theory Workshop 2013
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