I am delighted and fortunate to have worked with a great set of students.

PhD students

In reverse chronological order

  1. (TIFR; current)
  2. (TIFR; current)
  3. (TIFR; current)
  4. (TIFR; current)
  5. (TIFR 2017)
    Thesis: On Sparsest Cut and Parallel Repetition
  6. (TIFR 2017)
    Thesis: Complexity Measures of Boolean Functions: Fourier Sparsity, Fourier Dimension and Query Complexity
    (Honorable Mention, ACM India Dissertation Award)
  7. (TIFR 2016)
    Thesis: Hardness of approximate graph colouring

Undergraduate Students

  1. Sivakanth Gopi (IIT Bombay 2013)
    [Jointly with Prof. Srikanth Srinivasan (Math, IIT Bombay)]

Prahladh Harsha