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New position available: Project Associate

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Project Position: Project Associate
Project Goal: 7-qubit superconducting quantum processor
Position duration: One year
Salary: Rs. 31,000 per month + HRA @ 24%
Principal Investigator: Prof. Rajamani Vijayaraghavan, TIFR

Minimum qualification:Bachelor’s Degree in Physics or Engineering

Required experience: Minimum 3 years experience in experimental work with superconducting quantum circuits:

- Design, fabrication and testing of superconducting qubits
- Microwave signal generation and detection
- Operation of dilution refrigerator
- Fabrication and operation of Josephson parametric amplifiers
- Measurement of superconducting qubits using parametric amplifiers
- One peer reviewed publication in superconducting quantum circuit related work

Position Responsibilities:

- Working in a team comprising of Engineers , PhD students and Project students
- Design and fabrication of transmon qubits and Josephson parametric amplifiers
- Setting up microwave measurement and control for a 7-qubit system
- Demonstration of high-fidelity measurement in a 7-qubit system

Important Dates:

Application deadline: Monday, Nov 21 2022 5 pm IST (Indian Standard Time)
Shortlisted candidates will be informed by Tuesday, Nov 22,2022 12 pm IST.
Online Presentation & Interview for shortlisted candidates: Thursday, November 24, 2022 . Time will scheduled based on mutual convenience.
Position start date is asap and preferred by Dec 1 2022 (negotiable)

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Graduate Students

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TIFR announces the Jawaharlal Nehru Postdoctoral Visiting Scientist Fellowship with very attractive salaries. Minimum one year postdoctoral experience required. Appointment term is for one year but can be extended by one more year. Please e-mail for details.

TIFR is inviting exceptional candidates to apply for the DST INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship via the institute mode. Please e-mail for details.

Summer / Project students

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