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Q.  What are the degrees which can be awarded by TIFR?


TIFR is a Deemed University under the UGC, with the mandate to award M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees only.


In special cases, TIFR may also award the M.Phil. degree.


No other degrees (e.g. M.S., M.Tech., D.Sc.) can be awarded by TIFR.


Q.    Can I join TIFR solely for an M.Sc. or M.Phil. degree?


No, students are admitted only for coursework and research leading to Ph.D. degrees. 


The M.Sc. degree is awarded, after due coursework,  to students who do not have it at the time of joining so that their careers retain continuity in the matter of degrees. It can also be an exit option – after three years – for students who are unable, for various reasons, to carry on with research in TIFR.


The M.Phil degree is only an exit option for students who already have (or are eligible to have) an M.Sc. degree, but are unable, for various reasons, to carry on with research in TIFR.


Q.    Can I defer the date of my joining TIFR?


This is not normally permitted. However, in case of serious medical or other emergencies, a student may be allowed to defer joining by one semester. 


If a student does not join within one week from the stipulated date, his/her admission will stand cancelled.


Q.   Can I change my assigned Department after joining TIFR?


This is permitted to a limited number of students who perform well in the coursework. Check here for details.


Q.   If I cannot find a Supervisor in my allotted Department after the

       maximum stipulated time, what should I do?


You will have to leave TIFR. Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. students have a choice of leaving with an M.Sc. degree. Ph.D. students have a choice of leaving with an M.Phil. degree.  Check here for details.


Q.   Can I move from the Colaba campus of TIFR to one of the TIFR Centres

       (NCRA, NCBS, ICTS, TCIS, HBCSE) and vice versa?


It is possible to move from the Colaba campus to one of the TIFR Centres with full transfer of credits, if the Centre in question agrees. Transfer from TIFR Centres to the Colaba campus is not permitted.  


Q.   If, mid-way through my Ph.D. work, I wish to change my supervisor, is it



It is possible, on a case-to-case basis, to change to another supervisor in the same Department, subject to the approval of (i) the new supervisor, (ii) the Department and (iii) the Subject Board.  


There is no restriction on the number of times such a change is made. Note, however, that no extra time will be given to students who change supervisors.


Q.   If my Ph.D. work is delayed, can I get an extension of Fellowship

       beyond the allotted time?


In the 6th year for Ph.D. students and the 7th year for Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. students, a limited number of students can get half fellowship (but no contingency grant) to finish the Ph.D. work. Any extension beyond this has been strictly forbidden by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, which is our controlling agency. The Subject Board may permit you to finish your work, but without stipend and without accommodation.




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