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Any course that is certified as a Core Course by the Course Coordinator, SBP, can have a grader who will receive a book grant. If the number of students is found to be too large for a single grader, then the teacher may put up a request for two graders to the Dean, Graduate Studies. The request should be countersigned by the Course Coordinator, SBP.


The course Grader is entitled for a book grant of Rs.5000/- per course for grading a course.


The grants must be availed of within 2 years of giving the course.


This amount can be utilized for


(a)Purchasing books, journals, software and computer peripherals.

(b)Payment of fellowships/memberships of professional organizations/ societies.

(c)Travel to conferences/meetings both within and outside India.

Purchased items along with cash memos and dully filled in claim form, to be submitted to University Office (Room No. A-166) to complete administrative formalities. 


The money will be reimbursed at the Institute's Cash Counter/Accounts Section

Cash Counter Timings:

11:00 ― 12.30


13:00 ― 15:00


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