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In order to get an early introduction to research, every graduate student is required to do two Departmental Projects. Departmental Project may be Theoretical, Experimental or Computational.

Students are expected to choose their Project Supervisors from within their assigned Department, but, in exceptional cases, may choose a Supervisor from outside the Department, subject to approval of their assigned Department and the Subject Board of Physics.

P-397 : Departmental Project I : Research Methodology

This is an introduction to research methodology. The topic need not be original, but should not be regular textbook material, such as would be taught in a Lecture Course or a Reading Course. During the project, the student is expected to learn basic techniques of research, including literature survey, critical study of existing results, writing a technical report and making a technical presentation.

P-398 : Departmental Project II : Research Inception

This is a small research project. An original component is required but may be waived if the work involved is highly delicate or difficult. During the project, the student is expected to be able to apply the skills learnt in P-398 without significant intervention by the Project Supervisor.



For every Project, students must submit a Project Report in the proper format (soft copy is enough) to the Course Coordinator. This should be followed by a 30 minute presentation to an Evaluation Committee set up for the purpose by the Course Coordinator. Dates for these shall be as follows:

Autumn semester


Last date for submission of the Report


December 31



Last date for the Presentation††††††††††††††


January 05






Spring semester††


Last date for submission of the Report


June 10



Last date for the Presentation††††††††††††††


June 15

Every Project must be completed within the assigned semester and cannot normally be continued into the succeeding semester. The Project work assigned should be such that it can be completed within the duration of the semester. Extension of the last dates for submission and presentation (as above) shall not be granted, except in truly exceptional cases, such as medical grounds or major failure of experimental set up.


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