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Registration for Ph.D.

(rules & procedures)


Every student who wishes to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Physics from the TIFR University, must Register with the Subject Board of Physics for this purpose.

Registration must be completed

Ph.D. students


by the end of the Second Year

Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. students


by the end of the Third Year

TIFR staff and college teachers


by the end of the Fourth Year

The last date can be extended if the student has been on long leave of absence during the stipulated period, or, in special cases, with the permission of the Dean, Natural Sciences Faculty.

Registration can only be done if all the coursework requirements have been fully satisfied. If, for example, marks of a course, or project presentations are pending, Registration cannot be done.

If the coursework requirements are completed at any time before the last date, and a Research Guidehas been determined, the student may register immediately.

The Ph.D. Registration remains valid for a period of five years from the date of Registration. Till the expiry of this period, or the submission of the Ph.D. thesis, whichever is earlier, the studentís progress will be periodically reviewed by a Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC). For every student, a report from the TMC, in addition to the APAR, is necessary for annual extension of the Fellowship.

Click here for guidelines for the formation and functioning of the TMC.


The Registration procedure involves the following steps:


A Research Guide in the allotted Department must be willing to supervise the Ph.D. work and be eligible to do the same.Check here for eligibility rules.


Download and fill out the Registration Form.

A tentative title for the thesis has to be provided; this may be changed at the time of submission of the Ph.D. Synopsis, with the permission of the Subject Board of Physics.


To the Registration Form, attach the following:


A one-page write-up (in original) of the proposed research work which will be done for the Ph.D.The names of the student and the Guide should be clearly written on this write-up.


Academic Transcript of the student, signed by the Course Coordinator (photocopy only).


TMC Intimation Form duly signed by the TMC members and the Department Chair (in original).


Before submission the above documents must be signed by the following:

Registration Form

Research Proposal

TMC Intimation



All TMC members



Chair of the Department

Convenor, SBP

Convenor, SBP

Convenor, SBP


The completed, signed Registration Form and accompanying documents may be submitted to the Secretary, SBP. Thence it will be forwarded to the TIFR University Cell for further processing.

There is a minimum residence requirement of two years from the date of joining, before which the Synopsis cannot be submitted.


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