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About ten days after a student has submitted a Synopsis of his/her research work, he/she must explain that research work in an Open Seminar, which may be attended by any interested person(s).

The Open Seminar will consist of a 45 minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes for questions. All members of the audience are eligible to ask questions, subject to moderation by the Chair. If the examiners wish, they can also hold a closed-door meeting with the candidate for further questions after the seminar is concluded.

Like the Synopsis, the Open Seminar should be a broad description of the research work, clearly stating the motivation for the work, the original work done and, in case of large collaborative works,the specific contribution of the student. It should be intelligible not just to workers in the specific field of work, but also to workers in closely allied fields.

The Open Seminar will be examined by an Evaluation Committee, set up by the Convenor, SBP, taking the advice of the Guide and any other person(s). The composition of the Evaluation Committee will be as follows:

   The Committee will have five members, who must all be members of the TIFR Faculty.

   At least two of the members must be from a Department other than that of the student.

   If thePh.D. work is experimental, at least one of the members must be a theorist; if the Ph.D. work is theoretical, at least one of the members must be an experimentalist.

   The Research Guide, or Co-Guide, or any person who has been a collaborator of the student on a substantial portion of the research work, may not be a member of the Evaluation Committee.

The Evaluation Committee members will indicate their views on the Open Seminar on a web-based form which shall be sent to them by the Secretary, SBP.


The members are expected to send in their reports within one week; if not, it may be assumed that they have no comments to make and the Synopsis may be accepted as it stands.


The Convenor, SBP, will scrutinize the reports, and, based on the responses, communicate the results to the Guide and the student by E-mail. If one or more members feel that the synopsis is not acceptable for submission, the student should consult her/his advisor and submit a response to these which will be examined by the Evaluation Committee and the Convener, SBP for follow-up action.


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