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Synopsis submission

(rules & procedures)


When the student has completed his/her research work to the satisfaction of the Research Guide, he/she may submit to the Subject Board of Physics, a Synopsis of the research work carried out.

For the basic requirements, check this page.

The Synopsis should be a broad description of the research, clearly stating the motivation for the work, the original work done and, in case of large collaborative works,the specific contribution of the student. It should be intelligible not just to workers in the specific field of work, but also to workers in closely allied fields.

The Synopsis must be a PDF document, of not less than 10 pages and not more than 15 pages, legibly typed on A4-size pages in 12 pt font size, with 1.5 spacing and with 1 inch margins. Apart from text, it may contain figures, tables, sections of computer code and a limited bibliography.

A separate sheet should be attached with the synopsis, with a list of the publications authored by the student. These should be separated under two heads, viz. publications relevant to the thesis, and other publications.

If the title of the thesis has changed from that in the Registration Form, this should be indicated by the student and approved by the Guide.

The submission procedure involves the following steps:


The PDF file of the Synopsis should be E-mailed by the student to his/her Guide for approval.


The PDF file of the Synopsis, as submitted by the student, should be E-mailed by the Guide to the Convenor, SBP, with a short note indicating approval of the Synopsis, and with a list of names of possible members of the Evaluation Committee for the Open Seminar. Check here for rules.

If the Guide requires the Open Seminar to be held on a specific date, or within a specific period, he/she may previously contact the prospective members of the Evaluation Committee for their availability, and make the list of names accordingly. Otherwise, the Open Seminar will be held at the first convenient date when all the members are available.


The PDF file of the Synopsis is approved by the Convenor, SBP, and steps are taken to organize the Open Seminar.


After the Open Seminar, the responses of the Evaluation Committee will be communicated to the Guide, and based on this feedback, a final version of the Synopsis should be prepared by the student in consultation with the Guide.

The student will be informed by the Convenor, SBP, if his/her synopsis has been accepted.


The student should download and fill in the Synopsis Submission Form.

This should be presented along with a hard copy of the revised Synopsis, and signed by (a) the Research Guide and (b) the Convenor, SBP. The signed form can then be submitted to the TIFR University Cell for further processing.

A soft copy of the revised Synopsis, in PDF form, should also be sent to the TIFR University Cell at the time of submission. It is this version which will be sent to the prospective thesis examiners to obtain their consent to examine the thesis.


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