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Ph.D. Thesis Submission

(rules & procedures)


The Ph.D. thesis should be an advanced exposition of a particular topic. It must demonstrate that the candidate has done a significant amount of original work in the chosen subject.A necessary criterion for this is that at least some part of the thesis, where the candidate has made significant contribution, should be published / accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. For large collaborations that follow a rigorous internal review process, a Collaboration Note based on the work of the candidate (that has passed through such a review) can be considered a publication. However, such a note should be publicly available. Where such a note is not yet publicly available, the student's work in question should be certified by a competent authority (spokesperson / coordinator or equivalent) from the collaboration before the Synopsis is submitted.


The thesis must be a PDF document, legibly typed on A4-size pages in 12 pt font size, with 1.5 spacing and with 1 inch margins. Apart from text, it may contain figures, tables, sections of computer code and a detailed bibliography. In addition, it should incorporate

(i)        A title page according to the format given here.

(ii)       A Declaration of Originality, duly signed by the candidate and by the Research Guide.

(iii)     A list of the candidateís publications, where it is clearly indicated which publication(s) contain(s) material incorporated in the thesis.

The thesis should also contain a separate categorised statement of which part of the scientific results presented in the thesis are the candidateís own work. This is especially required if the candidateís publications are a part of those created by a large group or collaboration.


The practice of including the Synopsis in the Thesis has been discontinued.


Once a student has submitted his/her Synopsis in final form, after revisions/corrections as suggested by members of the Evaluation Committee, he/she becomes eligible to submit his/her doctoral thesis. The thesis can be submitted any time starting from the next day following the submission of Synopsis, to a maximum of six months from the date of submission of Synopsis. Extension of the last date may be granted by the SBP in exceptional cases, for any period so long as the studentís Registration remains valid.


The submission and evaluation procedure involves the following steps:


The soft copy (PDF file) of the Thesis should be E-mailed by the student to the University Cell. This should include a scanned copy of the Declaration of Originality form, duly signed by the student and the supervisor.


The Research Guide should send an E-mail to the University Cell mentioning the names, official designations and complete contact information of at least three possible external referees who work in India, plus at least three possible referees who work outside India. Such referees should satisfy the following requirements:

(i)       They should be active in the field of research to which the thesis belongs.

(ii)      They should be of a minimum level of seniority Ė typically a regular faculty/research scientist position in a reputed institution is considered enough.

(iii)    They should not be direct collaborators of the student, in the sense of research work done together. Co-authorship through a large collaboration group, where no direct collaboration has taken place, is admissible.

(iv)    They should not be personally related to the student or the supervisor.

(v)    One or two sentences by the supervisor explaining why the person in question would be an appropriate examiner for the thesis would help speed up the process.


The University Cell will take the responsibility of sending the thesis to

(i)      the Guide, for his overall report on the thesis and the studentís contribution;

(ii)    one external examiner who works in India (to be decided by Convenor, SBP);

(iii)   one external examiner who works outside India (to be decided by Convenor, SBP).


They will also follow up with reminders, as and when necessary. When all three reports are received, the University Cell will send them to the Convenor, SBP, for approval before taking further action.


The Convenor, SBP will decide if the reports indicate that the thesis is adequate for further processing and take appropriate action.


(a)Normally, if the thesis reports are positive, and suggest only minor revisions or corrections, then arrangements for the Ph.D. viva (thesis defence) can be made. For the rules and procedures for the viva, check here.


(b)If the examiner(s) suggest major revisions or corrections, the thesis may be sent back to the candidate for re-submission after making appropriate revisions. The revised thesis will be sent back to the examiners for their opinion. In case, there is a major difference of opinion between the Research Guide and the examiner(s), the SBP retains the right to send the thesis to an independent referee.


(c)If the thesis reports are negative and the examiner(s) reject its findings and/or conclusions, the candidate may be asked to do more/different work, or the Ph.D. may be denied outright. In such a case, the Guide may request for a re-examination by a different set of examiners. Such a request can be made only once.


After the viva, the student should incorporate any changes/corrections/additions suggested by the examiners, and prepare a final version of the Thesis. The Research Guide should check that these changes have been satisfactorily incorporated before signing the thesis submission form.


The student should download and fill in the Thesis Submission Form. This should be presented along with a properly bound hard copy of the revised Thesis, and signed by the Research Guide. The signed form can then be submitted to the TIFR University Cell for further processing, along with a soft copy on CD.


Once the Thesis is submitted to the University Cell, it will be processed further and a Provisional Certificate will be issued within one or two days.



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