Nature Astronomy: Hidden currents at the Sun’s surface

Indian Express: New vortical Sun waves detected with unexplained speed

Vice: Scientists find unexplained waves in the Sun that defy known physics

India times: Scientists baffled by waves in the Sun that travel extremely fast

Nature Middle East: Catching new waves in the Sun

New Scientist: Strange waves in the Sun are travelling far faster than they should be

Deccan Herald: Prof. Peraiah Foundation Award for contributions to Theoretical Astrophysics

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Helioseismology challenges models of solar convection

Max-Planck Institute: Unexpectedly slow motions beneath the Sun’s surface 

New York University: Researchers create “MRI” of the Sun’s interior motions

Huffington Post:  Sun “MRI”: Plasma motions inside star found to be surprisingly slow

Der Tagesspiegel: Die Geschwindigkeit des Plasmas ist zwanzig- bis hundertmal niedriger als erwartet

Hindustan Times: MRI of the Sun’s interior plasma motions created

Nature Physics: Dark Matter – Star Sign

Princeton University: Black hole, star collisions may illuminate universe’s dark side

NBC News: Primordial black holes may shed light on dark matter

Futurity: Black hole crashes into star: dark matter?

MIT Technology Review: If a primordial black hole hits the Sun….

American Physical Society: Synopsis: Star chime could reveal small black holes

New Scientist: Earth has little to fear from a black hole attack

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